New Farmer’s Market at Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Reservation

Farmers Market Summer 2009 Shell Lake
Farmers Market Summer 2009 Shell Lake

  The 1st LCO Farmer’s Market will take place on Friday, August 6th from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  in the parking lot of LCO IGA, in Hayward, WI.  We have 3 confirmed vendors and hopefully will get more – but its a start!  This will be a weekly event through the end of September. Submitted by Amber Marlow, LCO Green Team.

Happy Tonics is a member of the LCO Green Team and we applaud everyone who worked so hard to make this a reality. Let’s support our local farmers and stop importing petro food from far and wide.  The community that can feed itself is sustainable. Any questions please contact Amber Marlow at

I would like to mention that Shell Lake Farmer’s Market is part of the Green Teams effort to promote local grown food. We are in our third year. For information contact John Mahur, (715) 468-7544. Happy Tonics plans to have a table at the Farmer’s Market to sell our teas which we are drying now for packaging. We will also have our events calendar available for visitors who wish to discover Shell Lake’s Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden.

Joy and Nate at Happy Tonics table at Shell Lake's Farmers Market 2009
Joy and Nate at Happy Tonics table at Shell Lake's Farmers Market 2009

Today I stopped by the Farmer’s Market and bought fresh local corn, beets and kale. There was also green tomatoes, snap peas and green beans.  Right now I am boiling the kale. I grew potatoes at Lakeland Manor senior housing complex. Yes, we have our own container gardens too.  Many seniors living here came from a agricultural background and feel happy knowing we are growing our own vegetables even if in a limited way.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you you.


Larry the Frog Wants to Talk With YOU


Shell Lake
Shell Lake

We just received an email from John Haack, St. Croix Basin Natural Resources Educator, UW-Extension, regarding a  a YouTube video about the importance of shoreline restoration. To keep northern Wisconsin lakes thriving in natural habitat for frogs, property owners along the store need to pay attention to Larry the bull frog. Won’t you take a moment and listen to him too? 

Larry, the All-American Bullfrog. Written by John Haack, Bret Shaw and Travis…
Happy Tonics has a Restored Remnant Tallgrass Prairie not far from Shell Lake’s public beach. The lake so far is pristine. We hope that summer residents will follow the call to convert their shoreline to native habitat so that Shell Lake can remain pristine.
Shoreline Restoration Garden, Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Shoreline Restoration Garden, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

 Land and Water Conservation Department works closely with lake property owners to help them undersand why native habitat is so important.

  Mowed lawns down to the lake are upsetting the natural order and more shoreline can be lost to erosion if it continues. 

Washburn County Fair – Spooner, WI, July 24, 2010

I hope you will enjoy our type of entertainment up here in the North Country where we honor the heritage of agriculture and country.  Also view our night sky view at

Compliments of the Spooner Advocate  in Spooner, Wisconsin.

Quilters win First Place and People’s Choice Ribbons at Washburn County Fair

Myrna Atkinson hand stitching the butterfly quilt
Myrna Atkinson hand stitching the butterfly quilt
Hard at work, Back left Mary, front Marian, Right Myrna and Mary
Hard at work, Back left Mary, front Marian, Right Myrna and Mary

The Sit and Chat Wednesday Quilters of Friendship Commons won the People’s Choice Ribbon and First Place Ribbon in the Cultural Arts Division for the “Butterflies are Free” hand stitched and appliquéd quilt at the Washburn County Fair recently. Design, stitching and overall supervision were made possible by Master Quilter Myrna Atkinson. The dedicated quilters included Myra Atkinson, Mariah Brinken, Carol Hubin, Mary Olsen and Mary Raehsler.

The quilters met weekly for a whole year to complete the cultural art winner. The quilt will be sold by Happy Tonics, Inc. to support the nonprofit and the Monarch Butterfly Habitat.

Visit Happy Tonics at 25 Fifth Avenue, Shell Lake, Wisconsin to see the quilt at the Grand Opening event on August 3, 2010. 

Butterfly up close
Butterfly up close

Bella’ Sina e-book for grandchilden and grandparents

Paul Phillips, the author of  Bella’ Sina an e-Book. Paul says, ” Have a read of this story online. Probably the best yet for grandmothers and their grand children,” at


Luna Moth an Etheral Beauty Photography

Luna moth in high wind
Luna moth in high wind
Luna moth
Luna moth

Two weeks ago I returned to Shell Lake, Wisconsin, from my home in Minong.

An elder stopped me and said she wanted to show me something that was perched on a brick ledge of the senior housing building. She mentioned, “I hope it is still there.”

Sleeping in the shade was a beautiful Luna moth.  I have wanted to capture a good photograph of one since 1999. Last year Sister Richelle and I saw one, a giant silkworm moth, near the building but it was all tattered and worn and I knew its life was spent and I would still need to wait.

Adults only live for about a week and do not feed according to Butterflies and Moths Organization. This one appeared to be a female. Its tummy was fat and white. The moth has two long and narrowing tails. The lime green color of the moth is striking and it has beautiful colorful eye spots.  Female antennae are smaller than males.

Over the next few days several ladies in the building asked me, “Did you see the beautiful butterfly?” They know that I work on behalf of the Green Nation and Winged Ones. Butterflies and moths may show up in our lives to show us we may be about to change and go through a transformation.   

Watch the YouTube Video on the Luna moth’s life cycle at

Luna moth fuzzy white tummy
Luna moth fuzzy white tummy

Net of Light for Mother Earth (A Call for Prayer)

Grandmother Whitedeer has sent a message: Remember there is a Global Heart Offering Ceremony for Water on Sunday at Sunset.  Please watch the video to learn more at

Chief Arvol Lookinghorse says, “Mother Earth is the source of life not a resource.”


Excerpts – July Newsletter 2010
by Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer 

 A Message from the Grandmothers:

butterfly logo newsletter
butterfly logo newsletter

In these times of great chaos we need to use our lives as a walking prayer…..singing and dancing our prayers….give thanks to the blessings that we have and bring peace into our hearts through bringing balance within…..we need to stop looking outside of ourselves for leadership ….for each of our paths are unique… The Creator gave us all a great purpose… it is up to us to find that purpose…. it is within….

The Grandmothers have came forward….they are marching now into the hearts of those that are aware of the need to bring balance onto Our Earth….for our Mother now needs help for the ones that are running out of control….for control….As we strengthen the powers within, the Yin energy…we will meet the strength of the Yang with has put a tilt into the world. AHO!

 Within Our Sisterhood:

As a Sisterhood we wish to offer support in all facets of loving compassion. We are wishing to reach out to stand by our sister Sharon McErlane as she is taking care of her very ailing mother. We are with you Sharon, Love and Light, The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites.

Let us give our condolences to our Dear Sister Mary Ellen, Butterfly Woman. Her husband past gently away last week and smiles down upon his most beloved. Let us comfort her in her time of need and show her that we love and care for her through prayers of compassion.

By now I guess everyone has heard that Tonya Whitedeer was on Circle Connections Blog Radio. Here is the link to the audio tape if you have missed the original timed program.

 Words from Whitefawn Star

 As we collectively join our minds together as ONE for the Highest Good of the Whole; we choose, envision and live in a New Earth where Peace, harmony and love prevail…….as we continue to meditate and hold the Vision in all thoughts and all things, our universe automatically aligns with the Highest and Greatest Good for all, manifesting Heaven on Earth…” Whitefawn Star

 Sunday, July 11 at Sunset Open your Hearts

 Remember to stand outside with palms and hands up to the heavens to receive the Star Nation People on July 11,th 2010 at Sunset…..welcome them with open hearts for they are coming to help our Earth Mother.

Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer’s prayer shared here for everyone.


Great and Eternal Mystery of Life, Creator of All Things,
We give thanks for the beauty. You put in every single one of Your Creations
We are grateful that You made every stone, plant, creature
and human being a perfect and whole part of the circle of life.

We are thankful that You have allowed us to see the strength and beauty in everything.
Our humble request is that all of the Children of the Earth
Learn to see the same perfection in themselves.
May all of Your children know that Creation is an extension of Your Perfect Love.

Many Blessings to all of the Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites….

Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer, Susan Amari Gold, and Steven Andersen


”]395343880v4_480x480_Front_Color-White[1]  Show people you care about a butterfly at risk.  The monarch butterfly’s only host plant is milkweed. K. Maas designed Happy Tonics artwear.  Your purchase supports the Monarch Butterfly Habitat that Happy Tonics, Inc. created in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

Check out the different colors and designs including tote bags, baseball cap, coffee mugs and ceremic traveling mugs and more.

Happy Tonics Mug – CafePress,395431495

Happy Tonics coffee or tea cup. "Shift Happens"
Happy Tonics coffee or tea cup. "Shift Happens"
One of our 2009 interns Joy Amparo, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College, Hayward, WI, said this and a product was born.

Purchase helps support Monarch Butterfly Habitat in Shell Lake, Wisconsin created by Happy Tonics, Inc. a nonprofit public charity.