Luna Moth an Etheral Beauty Photography

Luna moth in high wind

Luna moth in high wind

Luna moth
Luna moth

Two weeks ago I returned to Shell Lake, Wisconsin, from my home in Minong.

An elder stopped me and said she wanted to show me something that was perched on a brick ledge of the senior housing building. She mentioned, “I hope it is still there.”

Sleeping in the shade was a beautiful Luna moth.  I have wanted to capture a good photograph of one since 1999. Last year Sister Richelle and I saw one, a giant silkworm moth, near the building but it was all tattered and worn and I knew its life was spent and I would still need to wait.

Adults only live for about a week and do not feed according to Butterflies and Moths Organization. This one appeared to be a female. Its tummy was fat and white. The moth has two long and narrowing tails. The lime green color of the moth is striking and it has beautiful colorful eye spots.  Female antennae are smaller than males.

Over the next few days several ladies in the building asked me, “Did you see the beautiful butterfly?” They know that I work on behalf of the Green Nation and Winged Ones. Butterflies and moths may show up in our lives to show us we may be about to change and go through a transformation.   

Watch the YouTube Video on the Luna moth’s life cycle at

Luna moth fuzzy white tummy

Luna moth fuzzy white tummy



  1. mary said,

    August 26, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    I found one today, it is gorgeous; I’m hoping it will survive till school starts next week; I just have no clue how to keep it alive or how old it already is.. it s a large one already

    • September 16, 2014 at 11:44 pm

      I an not sure if I replied to this comment earlier. Luna moths have no mouth parts and do not eat. The beautiful Luna moth lives for about a week. She is so etheral and mysterious. A gift of beauty beyond words.

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