New Farmer’s Market at Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Reservation

Farmers Market Summer 2009 Shell Lake

Farmers Market Summer 2009 Shell Lake

  The 1st LCO Farmer’s Market will take place on Friday, August 6th from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  in the parking lot of LCO IGA, in Hayward, WI.  We have 3 confirmed vendors and hopefully will get more – but its a start!  This will be a weekly event through the end of September. Submitted by Amber Marlow, LCO Green Team.

Happy Tonics is a member of the LCO Green Team and we applaud everyone who worked so hard to make this a reality. Let’s support our local farmers and stop importing petro food from far and wide.  The community that can feed itself is sustainable. Any questions please contact Amber Marlow at

I would like to mention that Shell Lake Farmer’s Market is part of the Green Teams effort to promote local grown food. We are in our third year. For information contact John Mahur, (715) 468-7544. Happy Tonics plans to have a table at the Farmer’s Market to sell our teas which we are drying now for packaging. We will also have our events calendar available for visitors who wish to discover Shell Lake’s Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden.

Joy and Nate at Happy Tonics table at Shell Lake's Farmers Market 2009

Joy and Nate at Happy Tonics table at Shell Lake's Farmers Market 2009

Today I stopped by the Farmer’s Market and bought fresh local corn, beets and kale. There was also green tomatoes, snap peas and green beans.  Right now I am boiling the kale. I grew potatoes at Lakeland Manor senior housing complex. Yes, we have our own container gardens too.  Many seniors living here came from a agricultural background and feel happy knowing we are growing our own vegetables even if in a limited way.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you you.

Day Six – PLEASE VOTE for Climate Change Native Habitat…on Brighter Planet

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Please help pump up the votes.  Please Sign up AND VOTE for the Climate Change Native Habitat and Community Garden Shell Lake grant proposal at Brighter Planet at

Happy Tonics wants to thank Donna Barnes-Haesemeyer, Mayor of Shell Lake, for her VOTE.  The Mayor and I took part in The Natural Step for Communities – How Cities and Town can Change to Sustainable Practices in 2008.  I am proud to announce that Shell Lake is a sustainable city.

farmers market

Local grown food Famers Market

The mayor has implemented many initiatives to help the city start a Farmers Market, promote community gardens, improve wetlands and increase native habitat.  She is proactive in environmental advocacy work. 

Personally I am proud to live in this small community where so many are trying to protect the lake from invasive species.  We have the cleanest lake in Washburn County and perhaps throughout many areas in Wisconsin.  The Shoreline Protection Committee is reestablishing native habitat at 13 public access areas around the lake. 

cottonwood tree

The campground with aged cottonwood tree and lake

native black-eyed Susan

Native black-eyed Susan at Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden.

Happy Tonics implemented a Native Wildflower and Butterfly Garden on city land.  Now we are trying to raise funds through Brighter Planet to maintain the habitat and help the community with community gardens.

  Let me tell you way.  Washburn County will shortly be impacted by 8,000 more people who have been taken off the unemployment benefits roll.  This means that food pantries need to gear up to address an ever increasing crisis in food security for citizens.

A community that can feed itself is sustainable.  You are allowed three votes and we are asking for your help.  Please sign up and VOTE for the Climate Change Native Habitat and Community Garden Shell Lake grant proposal at Brighter Planet at

Thank you for VOTING and proving you care. 

Quote Source:  Cassie McCrow wrote on Nick Vander Puy’s blog: “The genius of hunter-gatherers is that they must live as a part of nature rather than a manipulator of it – playing by nature’s rules, if you will. Part of that is the exchange – gratitude, relationship and respect (all good energies) for food, clothing and shelter.”

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