2020 – October 31

Tonight I walked outside at about 6:10 PM. It was awhile before I wandered off campus and out to Clinton Street. I was drawn to a bright orb in the sky and wondered if it was the Blue Moon?

Within an hour, I heard someone howling. It was my friend Jo. We became fast friends when she moved to the retirement community. There we stood howling at the moon. When a young man came walking by with his dog, we told him it was the blue moon that brought us out. Jo asked if he wanted to howl at the moon with us, and then there were three of us. The dog wasn’t too crazy about our behavior but stayed quiet.

isn’t that fun to have a friend who you can howl with at 75 years of age? Now that cracks me up. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


You feeling this too?

I think the Earth is being reborn. Read Lara/Trace Blog and maybe we will understand better what is happening. Be sure that staying positive in the midst of darkness is OK. As long as we remember to pray, meditate, see the beauty of nature, and go out into it daily to replenish our spirits, we will be OK. Don’t get lazy and forget to exercise. It is a time of trauma on many levels, but we can stay safe at home. Be thankful not to out where the air virus germs can reach you. Do things you love. I am making a bandolier bag by crewel work with wool thread. It is floral and someday hopefully it will be my herb collecting bag. Stay well.

Goodbye Monarch Butterfly

October 2020 – A week ago, I was walking outside after 10 AM when I saw what I suspected to be a new Monarch Butterfly. The butterfly flew close to the ground and couldn’t gain any height. It was 57 degrees F, and the butterfly can not fly when it is colder than 55 degrees F. I was surprised to see a Monarch Butterfly this late in the season, being mid-October. The butterfly starts to migrate to Mexico in mid-September to October.

The migration time is what has me stumped. Why is this Monarch Butterfly so late? To my surprise, I saw the female Monarch Butterfly again, October 22, 2020. She was sipping nectar on Marigolds in the Patio Garden, behind the Embury Cafe. I hope you will wish the Monarch Butterfly a safe trip even if she only makes it south to a warmer climate. Let us hope she has enough time to escape before it gets too cold to fly.

Monarch Butterfly October 22, 2020