From One Extreme to Another

This Veteran’s Day I went to the Spooner, Wisconsin, Veteran’s Cemetery. I was there to honor my husband who walked on – July 4, 2010. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Now I am listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Crossfire.” This is how I am feeling today as I listen to the news about wars still ongoing and learn just how troubled our country is now for the little person. This is most of us. It is a waiting game to see just how we are all going to land on our feet in this national economic disaster  and political battle. I thought you might enjoy listening my favorite singer and guitar player performing “Crossfire”  at

Be well insectamonarca friends where ever you are.


Veterans Day Honors Peace and Healing of Mother Earth

Just in from Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer of the Bear Clan at Medicine Creek Metis.      

Dearest Brothers and Sisters:

Carol Bridges "Emergence" quilt honors Gulf of Mexico
Carol Bridges "Emergence" quilt honors Gulf of Mexico

 As a united gathered community of like-minds and hearts we will stand together across the world for Peace and Healing for our Mother this  date of 11/11/10…… we gather please vision a clean pristine Earth in all of her glory. We have the Star Nation People standing together with their blessings for our Earth and all of her children.

Together we will create a new light that will shine over our Mother. This light will be of pale to vibrant shades of lavender, it is a loving, healing light. As we have stepped into our powers, Dear Ones,  let us use these powers for the good of all that we are, all that is needed and all to be blessed for the future of many generations to come.

Let us not forget why we have come together…..we are a powerful team guided by the love and blessings of the Devine.

We ready ourselves to enter the new year and the beginning of new times and energies that will change our lives drastically.

We have the Ancient Water Ways Blessing Ceremony now, given to us from the ancient ones. Let us learn this. You may e-mail be about the process of receiving the rites to be A Keeper of the Water Ways Ceremony.

We are only gearing up for what is to come…it is beautiful and powerful…yes…we have stepped into our power as requested by the Grandmothers and now it is time to apply this to the healing knowledge and energies that we now carry in our Medicine Baskets….

Much Love, and Many Blessings, Grandmother Whitedeer