Witnessing faith in action Teen Challenge

Last night my sister and I went on a bus tour to The National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro, MA. The multi- dimensional Christmas lights were spectacular. I was impressed by the multitude of inter-generational families that were there. It was heartfelt to witness new immigrant families who are now the New America. Many spoke other languages. They were all drawn to Our Blessed Lady by faith.

For awhile I have been wondering what would happen to Churches when people stopped attending. I don’t see many children at the church I attend. At least there aren’t many families at the 4:15 PM mass that elders mostly attend. Now I know the Church is alive with children masses, of which I don’t attend. I feel at least there is a foundation to go forward into the future even when churches are closing.

In this economic time, many churches are consolidating. I feel saddened to see old churches close, one by one, because the demographics of a city have changed. Churches of the 1800s require lots of money to repair and keep up. They are works of art. I lament that they are closing.

I attended the Teen Challenge New England Choir at the Shrine. I literally witnessed Redeeming Grace that each of the choir members experienced. Faith alone keeps them away from alcohol, drugs, jail and prison. The program is truly worth supporting. Pray for recovering alcoholics and drug attacks that they remain strong. So many things led to their downfall. It wasn’t self medicating that is at issue, it was social disorders, family dysfunction and abuses that addicts endured at earlier times in their life that leads them to these devastating addictions.

With recovery they are experiencing self esteem perhaps for the very first time in their lives. Think how shaky this might feel. May each of their hearts be blessed with healing. God knows many of us came from dysfunctional homes where we too by the Grace of God go now.

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