August New Moon Water Ceremony in Northwest Wisconsin

double rainbow over Minong
Double rainbow over Minong - Storm image. After every storm there is a rainbow even if we can't see it.

August 29 – Northwest Wisconsin Water Sisters held a Water Ceremony in Minong, WI. This is a monthly gathering where we join our spirits with other Water Sisters around the world and pray for sacredness, honor, purity and abundance of water for all living species and for future generations. We sing the Nibi Wabo water chant, speak water reflections, water prayers and dance with drum, birch bark clapping sticks and gourd rattles around a sacred circle. In warm season we hold ceremony in a sand dunes and go barefoot as we dance. Beautiful soft sand molding our steps and touching us back with gladness.

Afterwards we have a community meal of organic and local foods prepared individually by Water Sisters. This time is an opportunity to share ourselves, our joys and concerns. Everyone leaves feeling stronger than when they arrived.  It is as if a healing blanket is embracing us.

If you would like to join us by intention or directly let us know. When we give our Intentions to the water in Ceremony ,we will call your names off if you are joining us from afar. This month we remembered Worth Cooley-Prost, Alexandria, VA; Ginger Wilcox, Springbrook, WI and Water Sisters everywhere.  We remembered Akasa WolfSong, Ann Dunn, Jackie’s Remlinger’s mother and all mothers around the world.

Next New Moon Water Ceremony is September 27 at 6 p.m.

Source: Mary Ellen Ryall, Council Guide, Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites.


New Moon Water Ceremony in Northwest Wisconsin

Saturday, July 30- There were thunderstorms surrounding the valley in late afternoon. Water sisters arrived at the Hospitality House in Minong. We began by dressing up in skirts. Sandy Stein mentioned that when women wear a shawl and skirt it represents mountains and being close to Mother Earth. A skirt worn in ceremony is respectful and helps women remember that we are feminine energy and connected to Mother Earth. We put our sacred items together to carry them out to the sand dunes. I had on my glass water pendent that Worth Cooley-Prost had made for me. Sandy wore her medicine bag. It is good for women to have their very own medicine bag. We have several small beaded butterfly medicine bags made by an elder Marilyn Vig, Rice Lake, WI. I will exhibit and offer them for sale in September at our online store at

Rainbow after storm
Rainbow after storm

While still at the house we witnessed a rainbow. This was a beautiful sign.

Then it started to lightly rain again as we walked to the sand dunes. Sandy Stein said, “Rain is good.” I responded, “After all we are praying for the water.” We felt blessed as we entered Sacred Space and the rain began to lighten up and then stop.

Sandy, Deborah and Godavari met the sweet fern for the first time that is now growing over the dune and into the site. I love this fern, years ago I put my intentions on the fern and wished that the fern would climb the dunes from the other side. Each of them smelled the plant and were joyous when they smelled the sweet fragrance having never smelled anything like it before.  I reminded water sisters that we needed to be silent as we entered Sacred Space.

Sweet fern.
Sweet fern.

We put our individual sacred items on the blanket alter in the sand. Before we began the Nibi Wabo (Water Song) each of us added our pure water to the water bowl to marry the waters. We tried to smudge but couldn’t get a match to light the sacred sage; it was too damp. We each took a pinch of tobacco in our left hand. In turn each spoke their intentions of remembrance before beginning ceremony and added a pinch of tobacco to the basswood Two Headed Bear Dream Bowl handmade by Frank Galli. The bowl was made especially for Water Ceremony offerings.  Then I gave a short talk on the observations of water to the sisters.

Message: Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer is one of the Ambassadors of the White Buffalo Family in Oregon. She is with them now and doing ceremony as we stand in circle. Worth Cooley-Prost is traveling from Arlington, VA to the Carolinas. Worth is standing with us in ceremony at the same hour where ever she is. I remembered Shelley Ruth Wyndham, Cape Town, South Africa, who asked that she be remembered each time we stand in Water Ceremony. She is with us in ceremony.   Mother Earth is going through a Great Cleansing and weather is and will become more violent.  We are to stand firmly grounded to the earth and hold any fear in our feet which is solidly planted in communication  with Mother Earth. We are not to let fear rise up through our bodies. We are not to be afraid when great and turbulent changes occur around us. We are to know that Mother Earth is protecting us. We are the Water Walkers, water sisters and water teachers.As women we are called to protect water. We are not alone. We are here to grow in healing energy work as we band together all over the world. Each of us in our own environment is here to teach others not to be afraid and to help people cross over the rainbow road after a storm. We are here at this moment to personally adapt to Climate Change and its consequences. We need to learn what our agricultural plant growing zone is and may be in the predicted future. We need to plant appropriately while we look towards the future. Current plant zoning is changing. In Northwest Wisconsin instead of planting the same species of downed trees ( Birch, Red Pine and Jack Pine) of the last storm in Minong on July 1, we need to look at a zone or two further south and plant accordingly. We need to personally adapt and teach others to adapt. There is no sense in old programming of being alarmed when our immediate world is changing and negatively lamenting the changes. If we survive I believe this is sufficient enough to be grateful. The solution: Think positive because we are still here doing our work. Adapt! This is the message.

Then we sang to the four direction, using our birch bark clapping sticks.  The clouds were getting black and thunder clouds came closer. After concluding the Water Song we ended ceremony sooner, packed up our ceremonial objects and headed back to the Hospitality House. Before we left the sand dunes, Sandy put down the sacred items she brought to the ceremony. These were a shell and rock. I left a tear drop shell in a special place also which was significant because we were blessed by rain during ceremony.

Parched sand dunes from drought.
Parched sand dunes from drought.

One of the observations I have noticed since I started working on water issues and Water Ceremony, with the Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites, is that I am forever thirsty. Northwest Wisconsin experienced a seven-year drought .  I am conscious of having a dry mouth and wanting to drink water.

NOTE: Parts of this state’s North Woods and the adjacent Upper Peninsula of Michigan are the only areas in the continental USA experiencing “extreme” drought. It’s the region’s most severe drought since the 1930s and its longest dry period since the 1950s, says Roy Eckberg, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Green Bay, Wis. Learn more at

Artesian well with spout and cup
Artesian well with spout and cup

I am grateful for all the rain in 2011 even though we have had to deal with strange, unpredictable and more frequent violent storms. Even the clouds have changed to forms I have never seen before. Now I keep a weather radio on.

I am secure in knowing  that there is pure water at the artesian well in the woods where sweet water flows to the surface from deep within Mother Earth. What a happy woodlands it is that surrounds the artesian well. Even though the trip is long and I need to drive 60 miles round trip from Minong to Shell Lake and back, I am happiest when I am drinking this precious pure water.

After the Water Ceremony Godavari wrote, “Thanks so much, so very much, for having us at your place, especially right after the trauma of the storms, when it must have been hard for you to get ready.  I like that it rained on our ceremony.  In Siddha Yoga rain is auspicious (highly beneficial, a good omen) because it is a blessing upon the  earth and its people.  As you said, it is life itself.  After our ceremony, I began drinking water with much gratitude, knowing we are blessed to have clean water on this part of the earth.  And inside, I feel a purification beginning, which the water ceremony seemed to launch.  Purifying me of anger and resentment, making space for greater love.  So in a personal way too, I am grateful to you for leading us in honoring water, in honoring Mother Earth.

Note: Godavari  means goddess of a holy river, and there is a River Godavari, as they call it there, near the Siddha Yoga ashram in India.

Worth Cooley-Prost says, “My part of Water Ceremony was brief and on the move, but held my Heart and I hope added something Good to the whole. My old (85 now!) friend Dot, who co-founded the Light Group in Kinston NC in the early 1970s, brought me a little container of water from there. (It used to be artesian well water, now it’s a mix of that and water from the Neuse River… anyway, Water from close-to-me Ancestors’ home since 1841 or so.) And our car smelled so wonderful with sage lit!

Tonya Whitedeer Cargill is a Clan Mother of the Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Metis in Laytonville, CA.  She holds women’s circles and Grandmother Net of Light Ceremonies.  She is one of the Ambassadors’ for the Sacred White Buffalo Family in Northern Oregon.  She is currently working on a novel that is coming to her through Spirit.  Tonya works with endangered species Medicines of the Green Nation and maintains a Medicine Walk open to the public to educate all those that come to her land named through Spirit as Medicine Creek. Visit the Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites at

Mary Ellen Ryall is a Council Guide of the Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites and Executive Director of Happy Tonics, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) environmental education organization and public charity. Ryall is the author of My Name is Butterfly published in 2011 by Salt of the Earth Press. The book will be available on Amazon shortly.

The fully illustrated children’s book gives testimony of why native plants are important for pollinators. The charming book teaches about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly and its only host plant milkweed. Over the last eight years Ryall has planted milkweed at the sand dunes. Monarch butterflies flitted about the day of the Water Ceremony. This is another good sign that the monarch butterfly abounds in Minong in and near the sand dunes.



Wisconsin Point, Lake Superior
Wisconsin Point, Lake Superior

July 25 will be a World Prayer Day. You can listen to Dr. Emoto telling about a sacred shrine in Japan and sacred water. Let us all offer prayers and water on July 25. Listen and see video at

Please let us all stand together on July 25th either in circle or on your personal time to give blessings to our waters, and prayer for World. Peace for our Mother Earth..
The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites has just now received this notice through our Sister in Utah, Paula DeJoshua of
Let us do the best we can at this late notice to comply with Dr. Emoto’s wishes…
Waterblessings to All,
Grandmother Whitedeer

Mother Earth Water Walkers

Grandmother Josephine Mandamin
Grandmother Mary Ellen Baker

Today I woke up at 5:15 a.m. excited because today has finally arrived. Sandy Stein and I will meet at Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation’s tribal college at 9 a.m. with anticipation of meeting up with Mother Earth Water Walkers. The Water Walkers will be coming through Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation on their way to Bad River on June 12.

The purpose of the water walk is to raise awareness to protect clean fresh drinking water from pollution and privatization around the world and to protect water for seven generations out. Water is a gift not a commodity. Water is coming in a copper bucket which Grandmother Josephine Mandamin  and others who have been water on and off since April 10. Men often have carried the Eagle Feather Staff to protect women. Water Walkers are coming to Bad River to converge  on June 12  from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes.

Will report on if we made the connection today. Sandy and I plan to walk with the Water Walkers from the tribal college to the Honor the Earth Pow Wow grounds. LCO has opened up the event to the public and invites the public to come and meet the Water Walkers. There will be ceremony and feasting.

Mary Ellen Ryall is a council guide of the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites with headquarters in California. She will carry the intentions of women who shared  that they wanted to be on this walk with the Water Walkers.  The names will be typed up and added to a small butterfly beaded medicine bag that she will wear as she walks with the Water Walkers.

Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites – January 2011Newsletter

 Excerpts: January 2011 Newsletter


A letter from our Sister Anyah

Dear Grandmother Whitedeer,

Don’t know how this will help, but feel led to offer, one of the music cd’s I produced called “Immaculate Waters”, that was produced in 2002 is specific for healing using prayers for forgiveness, and cleansing. There is a lot of water sounds and nature sounds throughout.

The music was made when I went through a healing and spirit helped me through the death process and crossed that threshold and now am on the 9th music cd still alive and more focused on the real work/purpose for even being on this planet. Each music cd produced between the years of 1998-2009 is for some aspect of healing and balancing the chakras and masculine/feminine energies.

I was a former “grandmother speaks” host for 3 years and held groups at a sacred site and gave empowerments for the grandmother’s work, so through that opening was connected with you all. I’d like to donate 100 of these music CDs to support the work. You can use these for fund raising.

To let you know, these music CDs are recorded with the 528 hz, which is harmonious to the system, and is converted back into analogue another helpful tool to balance the chakras. Each song on each album individually is helpful to balance the chakra, and then when the whole music cd is listened to with intent for deep meditation is for even another level of balancing the chakra system. There are prayers of different sacred languages. Please think about it, and let me know if it can help. Much love and many blessings, Anyah

Grandmother Whitedeer says, “We have these along with several others now to distribute for our Fundraising Venture for our cause……E-mail Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer at

 Check out our Store…we have added some great items on our on-line outlet at

 Please look at this wonderful message and song @

 A simple thanks in a busy time

 We’re grateful for you. Without your help, we could not bring life’s most basic necessities to those in Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Honduras, Bangladesh, India, and Haiti.  This year, we reached more than 238,000 people with sustainable access to safe water and sanitation. Next year, we are striving to reach even more people and a total of one million people during our 21 year history.

 Thank you for working with us to achieve universal access to clean water and the dignity of a toilet!


The team at

 Up and Coming Water Blessing Events:

February 2 –  The Grandmothers from Quebec who brought forth the 10th Nibi Wabo Water Ceremony.

 They will stand in tradition on the Ice… Please stand with them in your area and Circles for prayers and blessings for the Winter Waters. Support this Ancient Water Blessing that came to them through the Grandmothers. Bring your Birch Bark Clappers!

 Let Us Stand Together….March 22, 2011

Those who spoke before are speaking again in one voice. This is the time of power and transition.
This is the Time to gather as one Voice, one Heart, one Mind. Many compassionate hearts are already dedicating intention, prayer, meditation, service, Mass, circle, dance, chant and song.

In harmony all can come together in one universal Wave.

Grandmother Whitedeer, The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites Email:

 Feel thanks, touch the snow, spread the blessings.

Oregon – Different Cultures in Common Prayer for our Common Ground ~ Mother Earth
Sunday April 10, 2011

Contact the founder of this ceremony, Robert Brothers at

Water Ceremony sacred for two participants in Northwest Wisconsin

Sand dunes changing to pine barrens
Sand dunes changing to pine barrens

On Saturday, September 11,  a participant and I gathered up our ceremonial materials and walked to the sand dunes near my home in Minong, Wisconsin.

Jackie arrived about 6:30 p.m. and we shortly found our way to the sacred sands. We put a cloth down large enough to make an altar. I brought flowers and the vessel to carry the artesian water. Beforehand I went to the woods between Shell Lake and Spooner where the water flows free of contaminants and chemicals. Mother Earth’s blood (which is water) just bubbles up to the surface in this enchanted forest. I always thank the water before taking any.

Jackie brought a photo picture of her guru. I brought gourd rattles. One gourd is from the gourds I found growing in a dirt pile last year and the other gourd was from New Mexico. It is a peyote medicine rattle.  I brought my birch bark clapping sticks and drum which was given to me by an elder who made me promise I would use it only to pray for water. I never dreamed a few years ago when Frank gave it to me that someday I would be a Council Guide. I am honored to say I am now with the Sisterhood of Indigenous Water Rites.  I feel very honored by both blessings. 

I can’t really tell you what took place at the ceremony. Perhaps someday if you are a woman you will come and share this sacred ceremony with us. I can say that we prayed for the Net of Light workshop in Ireland who were connected with us through mutual intentions and ceremony. I can say that we thanked the water and each in turn talked to the water and told her we loved her. I did say I knew that mankind often did not respect her, contaminated and polluted her. I asked for forgiveness of these unconscious and sometimes cruel acts.  I acknowledged that we are made up of mostly water and we need fresh water around the world for humanity and for seven generations out.

Both Jackie and I performed the Nibi Wabo water ceremony. We also danced around the altar and sang. I did notice the tiniest of little miniature flowers on sliver stalks. I wonder if anyone on Earth saw such sweet flowers that we were careful not to step on as we danced. As we bid goodbye to the ceremony, we saw the new moon on the third day as a sliver of light, first star and the sunset all at the same time.

Smoke signal
Smoke signal

 It was glorious how the clouds turned pink to the east as we looked over the horizon and saw the valley hills around us.

We took the blessed water afterwards and gave some to Mother Earth at certain spots. One was at the sweet fern that I prayed for several years ago. I wanted her to come up the hill from the other side and adorn the sand dunes. Then we carried some to the fir trees that are starting by succession to come into the sand dunes. Then we blessed milkweed and sacred prairie sage that I planted in 2008. I have been seeding this site for years in the hopes of making a sanctuary for the monarch butterfly. It is working, butterflies do flutter here in season.

We need to respect water.  Please visit and learn that not all people are as fortunate as we are in the USA. Many people and countries need water. Can you imagine being thirsty?  Have a heart and open your eyes to others in need at

Remember: Water is not a resource to be squandered. Water is the source of life for all living beings.  Say a prayer of thanksgiving when you lift the water of life to your lips and be grateful.

I am grateful to Congressman Dennis Kucinich who wrote a bill to stop the privatization of the Great Lakes water. You can learn more at

Washington, Aug 7 – “Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today announced H.R. 6006, which closes a loophole that allows the bottled water industry to divert or export an unlimited amount of water from the Great Lakes.  The bill was introduced along with cosponsors Bart Stupak (MI), Marcy Kaptur (OH) and Betty McCollum (MN).”
Source: Congressman Dennis Kuchiich’s Web site.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you are.

Dolphins as a Meditation and Fresh Clean Water

I just watched a beautiful You Tube  post on dolphins and a Meditation that calls each and every one of us to realize how very precious water is.  Today I was very thirsty and I went to an artesian well in the woods. The water doesn’t flow freely as it once did 2 years ago. The water table is dropping and instead of gushing out of the ground it is about half speed now. 

Cool clear water from woods
Cool clear water from woods

 I felt so happy to be in this happy woods filled with wildflowers and water crest growing in the stream but sad too and worried and wondered what if the bubbling water just quit?

Water cress only grows in clean flowing water
Water cress only grows in clean flowing water

 What if it goes dry because we are in the 8th year of drought and even though we have had good rain this year, the water table is still low. 

I stood there and sang a water ceremony song to honor the water and tell the water I loved her. You see women are the protectors of water. I am a council member of the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites that was founded by Grandmother T. Whitedeer in California. This is the time for all women to intercede and pray for the global waters which are at risk in so many places.

Here is the link on You Tube at!


Butterfly Woman

Blog Talk Radio with Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer

Silver Lake, WI, 2008
Silver Lake, WI, 2008

I am a member of the Sisters of the Planetary Water Rites. Women are the protectors of water. I represent northwest Wisconsin. We are building a network here of women who will meet in ceremony and prayer and send good energy out to the universe to protect Mother Earth.  Grandmother Whitedeer lives in California and is the founder of the Sisterhood and I follow her guidance. With her leadership we move forward to build a network across the country to honor Mother Earth and the gift of water.  


I was fortunate to hear Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer on the Blog Talk Radio on Jluy 5, 2010.  She was interviewed by Ann Smith. Rhonda Hall is a co-producer of the program.  Grandmother Whitedeer is a Bear Clan Mother of the Medicine Creek Métis in Laytonville, CA.  She holds women’s circles and Grandmother Net of Light Ceremonies. She is one of the Ambassadors’ for the Sacred White Buffalo Family in Northern Oregon. She is currently working on a novel that is coming to her through Spirit. Tonya works with endangered species Medicines of the Green Nation and maintains a Medicine Walk open to the public to educate all those that come to her land named through Spirit as Medicine Creek in California. She shared that she is channeling with the grandmothers from the other side.  It is now a call to power because the Grandmothers are speaking. 

We are setting up a Net of Light and women are gathering.  We send out this light to protect the water especially after what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico with the gushing oil from the Gulf floor.  We need to take inner silent time to communicate with the spirits.  Women need talking circles and water blessings to connect with the power beyond us. 

Grandmother Whitedeer has presented a letter to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in Sedona. Now there are 73 circles all over the world.  There was a World Prayer Day for the Water on May 18. There is a paradigm shift that is happening because we are gathering in prayer and ceremony to honor the water. We use prayers and ceremonies to reach higher consciousness.  Grandmother Whitedeer stated that we don’t concentrate on the negative. We gather to pray for Mother Earth’s blood which is the water. She asks that you visit the Water Blessings Web site and she will guide newcomers with information on how to do a Water Ceremony.   

On July 11, 2010 – the Star Nation is coming to help those who carry the light.  There will be a meteor shower at sunset. At sunset we are being asked to hold up our arms to the heavens as we face west. Don’t interpret messages.  Just keep an open heart. Star Beings where once on Earth.  Open our hearts and we will receive what is sent down. I am a Lighter Bearer. All of us are made of water.  Dr. Masaru Emoto states that humans are 70 percent water.  Grandmother Aggie (I believe this may be Agnes Baker Pilgrim) stated to Grandmother Whitedeer that when we bless the water we are blessing ourselves because we are mostly water. 

The Sisters of the Planetary Water Rites is a joint effort and we stand between heaven and earth. Animals are forming circles and they are coming to us to let us know that the time is upon us. We are being invited to communicate with nature and the Green Nation (the plants and trees), the winged ones (birds, butterflies, bees and other insects) and the finned relatives being the dolphins and other water creatures are right with us.  Visit to learn more about Water Ceremonies and where you can join a group already participating in this Calling. 

PHOTO NOTE:  In 2008, my dog Tia nd I used to swim in crystal clear Silver Lake. In 2010 the lake shore is becoming choked with weeds and it is withdrawing from the shore as the water table goes down possibly due to climate change. Also building more houses on the lake is polluting the water with soap suds.  Loons used to live in this lake. I pray they still have a home here. I send up my prayer offerings for the winged ones and the water here at Silver Lake where I had many a happy wild encounter.

World Prayer Wave for Gulf Oil Spill Each Day at 12 Noon

for the Gulf of Mexico
The Global Prayer Wave has been set up to help create a global presence and focus on the oil spill that is occurring in the Gulf Of Mexico.The Prayer Wave occurs daily at 12PM your local time and calls people to focus their love, intentions & prayers daily on creating sustainable solutions and healing for the Oil Spill that has & is occuring, for the Ocean, for Mother Earth and for all of life affected. The One Song Project is grateful to unite with The Global Prayer Wave for this years One Song!Join us and send your love and prayers to assist and heal our Living Planet!

Daily 12PM – Your local time – where ever you are!
Pray | Meditate | Intend

For more information about GPW:

Thank you for taking a moment to read this newsletter.
From all of us in the OSP Circle, we are deeply grateful for your
participation & Presence in this years One Song Project.
We look forward to Singing with you on June 19th, 20th & 21st.In Gratitude & One Song

The One Song Circle
 (Listen to chant here)



Greetings Water Sisters and Brothers,

Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer compiled NEWS from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers that we want to share with you.  There also are messages from our Water Brothers.  The following is excerpted.


                            NEWSLETTER June 2010

Greetings Dearest Water Sisters and Brothers:                                                                        

I open this newsletter with a quote from Tony Morrison (one of my most favorite writers)

“She is a friend of mine…The pieces that I am, she gathers them and gives them back to me

In all the right order!”

This statement is what many are telling me in their own words. I sit everyday with happy, loving tears flowing, from my eyes by way of my heart when I read the messages from my Sisters. Do you know how wonderful each and every on of you are? Do you know that you are all so very blessed with the gifts that create miracles? We are the pieces falling from the Great Medicine Bowl….we are the keepers of the eternal flame…giving balance through our Truths and Trusts. AHO…Grandmother Whitedeer

 Message from Archangel Michael:

You all know what to do: become conscious and grateful for the water resources that are so readily available and affirm that you will take steps to conserve in every possible way. Use your power resources sparingly and make a concerted effort to use 15%, 20% or even 25% less than in the past. Return to the simple pleasures of nature and develop unique ways to use or spend your “cosmic resources.” Know that each and every spark of loving life force energy you use in a positive way or radiate forth from within will be duly noted and recorded, and then returned to you at least one thousand-fold.

 Message from The Grandmothers:

The Grandmothers have no secrets; they forever wait your beckoning. Grandmothers know that two-leggeds get distracted by their own flashing of needs, physical and mental mostly.

They speak to us of the inner silence – to know this silence as part of our time with them.

They teach us to pay attention to the Light, Love and the Path of Peace.

When we go within this Earth, to lay our bodies down upon her, to even bury our toes and nose within the substance of her, to smell her, there and then you KNOW you are part of everything.

When we turn to face the Sky Father we go through the Fire Spirit, finding the bosom of our Mother Divine and the Grandmothers that guard the Great Medicine Bowl.

The Grandmothers Bow to the Beauty of Spirit Within You…AHO

        Begin planning your Summer Solstice Ceremonies Early…..these are powerful times to be gathering our Circles to Honor the Seasons and our                                                                                  Mother Earth

Another Brother that Supports our Sisterhood is Benny (Blue Thunder) Labeau….after we spoke he forwarded his prophecies to share with us….these are truly gifts through Spirit. 

Teton Rainbows – Prophecies Foretold the Time Ahead We Are in Now (2012)

By Bennie”BlueThunder”LeBeau & Many Messengers for Peace. As we all approach the year 2012 the Native American Prophecies point towards a Galactic Alignment within the Planets, Sun, Moon, Stars and Milky Way. So much that needs to be considered and understood what is held in the hands of the Red Nations of the America’s.  Earth Wisdom Foundation is helping to sponsor three very important groups visiting the Wind River Indian Reservation, here in Wyoming.

                                The Mayan Priest Miguel Angel will speak about the steps his community is taking to prepare for the momentous period ahead. He has been sent to us, for us to consider doing something similar on the Wind River Indian Reservation and other homelands across the world. He has been sent by his Elders to bring forth  this message to his fellow brothers and sisters of the Eagle Nations of North America.  The Mayan’s message from the Condor to the Eagle Nations is about the prophecies in the time we are about to enter into now:  Before the end of 2012 and onwards into the future for the Next 5,000 years ahead.

Almost all of humanity is stuck inside a paradigm, a view of life-fostered by organizations and corporations who wish to control humanity for their own purposes.  Due to this attitude Mother Nature’s Soils, Winds, Waters, and the Fires have been imprinted with Post Traumatic Stresses for 25, 000 years.  Within the historical facts lies the negativity that is promoting the Earth Changes of the environment within earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, droughts, tsunamis and hurricanes.

During the December solstice of 2012 the world mentions the prophecies of all cultures that a great change upon Mother Earth will take place.  As Native American’s this is understood that this is due to not following natures laws, know as the original instructions of the Universal Laws of Peace. Most of humanity thinks we are born, we live and we die and wonder about the purpose we are here upon Mother Earth. Along the way we have connected in some form with a religion or belief system of some sort: but in truth these belief systems sense they’re being something more, something greater.  In reality in that truth in those belief systems it does not express the truth of who and what we are and where we are headed.   The wisdom and knowledge of the Eagle and the Condor Nations of North and South America has the information societies long for: Now in this time period where the truth would become heard once again. 

Many knowing the time is short that we are in and that wisdom can be shared now in where we are heading; Information about how to enter into this special time as we move towards 2012 ahead. Now at this particular time it is prophesized that the Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy would bring great wisdom where we are all headed towards as all the Indigenous Nations of the world would awaken and remember each other:  The Black, White, Yellow and Red Nations alike as one.   

Humanity in this moment is like a runaway train that’s about to run into a brick wall head on and that wall is approaching us fast as we move in the rest of 2010, 2011 towards the Winter Solstice in December 2012. Most of Humanity in this moment, almost without exception, has no clue about what awaits us all; and indeed many who think they have some spiritual interest or understanding make fun of the belief of what awaits us all.

Let us be assured we all know there is great change upon our doorstep due to the environments’ shifting due to the disasters’ that are taking place everyday. As the Hopi and Mayan Prophecies state that unless we prepare, many will not survive that experience we have been moving towards for some years now. 

These words are not to cause humanity to believe in fear or to develop fear about this message that the world is coming to an end.  This is not the purpose; the world is not coming to an end and the purpose is to bring about awareness in the consciousness that there are some things for us all to consider for peace, for hope.  That a new world is preparing to develop upon the surface of Mother Earth:  Everyday now as we move through the last months and days ahead as we move into 2010, 2011 and into 2012 that there are messages for us to consider in what is coming.

There is no desire to create fear upon Mother Earth as the dogmas of man made interpretations’ of how life is to be ran and understood are doing to humanity at this moment. Because, in truth, they are the ones that have set the agenda upon Mother Earth that does not work with Natures Laws.  The knowledge lost along the way lies within the Native Traditions and Cultures knowledge and wisdom’s of how the environments work and shift.   The Red Nations traditions’ have worked for hundreds of thousands of years as stewards of Mother Earth.  It has been very hard to delete any evidence of the wondrous civilization’s peoples that still exists upon Mother Earth.

Many cultures have worked very hard to foster a view that the scientific method, so called, the questioning left brained process is the way forward in life.  And all of this is aimed to isolate you from the truth, for the truth of what awaits us is coming.  As we move into the future we have less than three years to get on board:  To consider to heal our environments with the Eagle and Condor Nations Traditional Ceremonies, along with other Earth Wisdom Cultures to soften the blow of Nature Shifts, the disasters we have seen in the years past.  It has been mentioned in dreams and visions we have not seen anything yet.  For what is coming will be so interesting many will not believe it is happening, until it happens before there very eyes.

The warning bell is ringing even louder than ever now.  So I just want to bring forth a few considered, strong words, to help begin the awakening processes to the Wind River Indian Reservation and surrounding communities. Many of us have been working for the people to become conscious of what is happening and to truly understand what is required for us in the New Earth Agreements ahead.  And to learn to become educated on what we can do to assist our families, friends and relatives to be able to get into the New World coming as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

One Must – Acknowledge our Creator. The particles that make up your soul is on loan from your Creator and Mother Earth. They belong to the Creator and Mother Earth and all that is being asked is that you consider acknowledging that relationship: In order for peace to prevail upon Mother Earth, we must take care of her and each other.

A second step is to clear all of our negative past with one another: the universal causal law by which good or bad actions determine the future model of an individual’s existence in their actions today.  Which has affected and cursed our families in our societies today.  These actions represent the moral measurement of the process of changing our belief systems to become a better human being.  Theories of salvation speculate that future life situations will be conditioned by ones actions performed during one’s present life—which itself has been conditioned by the accumulated effects of actions performed in our lives from our past, in the present and take the negative or positive life styles into the future.

With in time our circles will be taught by this wisdom and activated to bring this forth so all of humanity that chooses to participate in the awakening process can become conscious of what is taking places around us.  And it is very important to know or consider that we have access to this great knowledge and wisdom of the times ahead.

And a third step to consider is to rejuvenate and to purify the physical body. This might sound quite unexpected from where you look at life in this moment. This time is known as the purification time and having a pure clean environment within our bodies is up for clearing to rejuvenate the spiritual mental and physical body. Every being upon our planet that wishes to participate in the Ascension process to get into the Fifth World ahead must consider this message of purity ones self as we move ahead towards 2012 and beyond.  As 2012 is dissolved we move into a new world of existence where purity of our spirit, mind and body; must match that pure energy that is building now and will arrive ever so strong on the December Solstice of 2012. We have been told in our oral stories as Native American’s and other cultures what would happen in the times we are in now.  They have been reminded for us to consider now, for many generation in the oral stories that those who do not consider preparing will not survive those energies now and as we move towards the end of 2012.  Again, this is not a threat. It’s simply to bring about some understanding, because every being can undertake that preparation when the awareness is there for the consciousness can awaken to the truth.

And so there is a cycle that is coming and ending at the end of 2012 and a new one beginning as we move past 2013.  The ending of that cycle really needs to be considered and the beginning of a new cycle as we move past 2012 acknowledged in what this writing is all about. This message is to help bring forth some understanding for all of our families to think about within our families, friends and relatives of all nations.  I really pray and hope that this message will help you begin to consider what’s coming and to prepare for the times ahead in 2010, 2011 and for the final shift in 2012 as we move into a new time ahead in 2013 onward in the next 5,000 years.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this information for this very important time we are in now. This is message for peace and health to prevail as we move into the future ahead in the Name of Peace, Sent from my Heart of the Rose to your Hearts, in the name of peace for love and harmony as the Return of the Dove makes its flight, known as peace, which is the flight of the Dove bring true freedom coming as we enter 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and beyond.

Thank you for considering these messages for peace, love and harmony to return to our Mother Earth for All Nations. Oohweehoo….

Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation, Riverton, Wyoming

March 31st, 2010 Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, WY

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I close this newsletter with a message of Prayer for all that have come to these pages…….This is my give-away to you!….Honey in the Heart, Grandmother Whitedeer

                                    Oh Great Mystery!

                             Your gifts of birth enrich us

                      Your embracing comfort surrounds us

                       Your Infinite Spirit dwells within us

                         Your Rainbow of Peace protects us

                             Your Cycles of Truth guide us

                               Your Eternal Life uplifts us


Aho, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch…from her workbook titled So That The Teachings May Live