Northern Catalpa

One day while looking out the window, I noticed large white particles falling to the ground. They looked like snow or popcorn and in the middle of summer. I went outside to investigate and saw that they were flowers from the Northern Catalpa Tree. I usually paid attention to the long beans that hung from the tree in the fall and called her the bean tree. I loved seeing the flourishing tree this year and thought you might enjoy a short video of the tree and blooms.

The catalpa tree is found in forests from southern Illinois and Indiana to western Tennessee and Arkansas. First cultivated in 1754, the wood was used for fence posts and railroad ties because of its resistance to rot and the tree’s fast growth rate. Do not attempt to eat any part of the tree. I am always looking at wild edibles to add to my diet either as medicine or food. Just admire the plant as a gorgeous ornamental.

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Blooms of Northern Catalpa