Global Warming and Polar Vortex

We are into a new reality when it comes to weather. I listened to a scientist on TV today and understood the the Polar Vortex is spilling out to southern latitudes because of an extreme unbalance due to arctic melt.

To think of southern states with ice and snow. Catastrophic storms are being common as we acclimate to a changing weather pattern.



New England Weather

ImageOctober morn, rain drops on window panes. Mist paints air.

Burnt orange and brown oak leaves cling to trees.

Green grass smothered in yellow and brown leaves.

It is a New England morning I wake up to.

Sister in rocking chair, in silent dining room, reading prayer book.

Coffee scents kitchen with toasty flavor.

Icebox hums to ticking of clock.

Fogged window panes tell me I’m here, at home, in New England where my ancestors once roamed.

I am the ancestors. They are part of my DNA. Through me they live. The joy I feel is their joy.

I remember.