White Buffalo News from Grandmother Whitedeer

                                                             3 White Buffalo were recently born in OREGON!                 

                                                         We now have a herd of 14 White Bison.

 It was over the Mother’s Day weekend when the White Buffalo herd had their new babies! Their were three white buffalo calves born in Central Oregon, bringing the herd to a family of fourteen whites and three browns. We have one more expectant mother yet to give birth.

 It was a cold morning on the 7th of May, and our guys where coming over to help Charles and I do some work on the ranch. I walked over to say hi to the girls, and Miracle was immediately in my face and snorting. I looked up and Peace Pilgrim was lying on her side and moving up and down, and J. R. Spirit was born in less then a couple of minutes later. The baby was soon up, drinking and kicking. I looked at my cell phone  and it was 3:00 p.m.  J.R. Spirit was born with red with white hair around the eyes, feet, and ears. We did get a white one. I knew in a day or two we would have another bison. Once one comes, they all start coming .

 We went to bed at midnight and were up at first light on the 8th. I got dressed and let the dogs out, and decided to walk down the hill even before having my morning coffee. And there’s Sunrise Spirit having her baby. I noticed it was about 7: 00 a.m. This baby was big, huge, and pure white! My heart stopped for a second, and I thought it might be an albino. But then I saw that the face had blue eyes and knew it was not .

I called Dena to let her know. It was a very happy Mother’s Day gift even thought it was hailing and snowing. A rainbow soon loomed over the mother and babies, making them look like fire Opals. It was named Opal Sunrise Spirit. Check out the enclosed picture.

 I drove Charles to the airport  around 11:00 a.m., and on the way back there were more rainbows around the ranch. Outside of the ranch it was snowing, and as I walked around the pen this second white baby was trying to eat and drink, and its mother just looked at me as if to say, “Kids will be kids.” 

  The next day was the 9th, and just before dusk at 7:00 p.m. I was taking some apples and pears down to feed to the girls . Miracle Moon, who is the lead mother of  the herd, was have her baby. I thought that it might be a long night, and it was. Miracle was doing everything that she could to keep her baby awake, while being watched over by a waxing quarter moon and a very cold night.  

 Even though we knew that miracles had already happened, we thought we needed a plan to be on the safe side in case the mother couldn’t get her milk to her newborn. I had  a bottle waiting to be mixed in case we needed it. I decided to take my car and sleep down by the pens, as there were recent coyote and cougar tracks in the area.

  The 3rd calf named Silver Spirit brings another wild story in the night. But what else would you expect with white bison?  I prayed all night to I any helpers I could  think of. I prayed to White Buffalo Calf Woman, Christ, my dad, Jim Riley, angels, any sensible E.T.’s who might be in the neighborhood, and even my wolf Buddy.  

 I was afraid the baby was not going to suck after about 8 hours . I looked up at the moon. I was tired and tears started flowing down my cheeks, and a silver light passed down from the moon and flew through the night sky and into the area where the babies were and disappeared.

  Now I have been a cow girl, and I have been watching the night sky for over 35 years. I have seen falling stars, meteors, and even satellites and planes. But I have never seen a silver light. It looked like a large silver dinner plate and it moved slowly, then faster, with no sounds or tail lights, and then it was gone. I looked at the mother and the new baby and they were ok. The baby got up and walked around. Later in the morning I saw it drink.  

  The new families seemed to be doing great. They were eating well, and the calves were beginning to nose around and greet one another. And now we are still waiting for Big Mama to have hers.

     The winter has finally shown signs of spring. The big boys are beginning to show their strength to each other. The grasses are coming in, and life begins anew for our growing white buffalo family. It’s a good day on the White Buffalo ranch.

    If you would like to support these white bison, please make a donation. You can also buy one of our Hiawatha Big Medicine blankets. We only have a limited supply of our blankets left. They were made using the 2010 shed from these buffalo. Please call us at: 541 323 1885,

or go to the web site at: www.sacredworldpeacealliance.com

Blessings and thank you, Cynthia, Charley and Grandmother Whitedeer