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Our Monarch Butterfly Habitat is now part of a larger Pollinator Habitat at Lac Courte Agriculture Research Station in Hayward, WI.

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Need help to raise money for fire victims in Fitchburg, MA

Fire, 113 Mechanic Street, Fitchburg, MA. December 1, 2012

 Robert R. Parks, 24, a guitarist and graphic arts student who also works in sales and marketing and at Market Basket in Leominster on Saturdays

According to article in Sentinel & Enterprise, December 1, 2012. Displaced homeless tenants went to live with families. Red Cross gave food and clothing.

I spoke with Robert R. Parks, on December 3, 2012.  He lost his Mac Pro (used 2009 model) computer in fire. He’s a student at Mount Wachusetts Community College at http://mwcc.edu/

He is studying to be a Graphic Artist. Robert works for a Sales and Marketing Company and wants to learn how to market himself as a Graphic Artist. He also works one day a week at Market Basket in Leominster, to make ends meet.

Robert was the only person injured, burns on left arm, when he jumped from third floor apartment. His immediate need is to replace a used or restored Mac Pro. He needs a Mac Pro computer for his college work and career as a Graphic Artist.

He said that he is meeting with Insurance Company on Tuesday and will see if he can obtain other tenants address. There are two children in one family. Mr. Jose and Tali Nareo have two children:  Michael Nareo 5 and Matthew Nareo 9. Both will need Christmas presents. Children’s clothes may make a good donation also. Hopefully, I will have this information (if possible) shortly.

The children’s uncle Miguel Hermandez lived with his girlfriend in the building also.

In the meantime, Robert R. Parks address is: 89 Dorset Road, Athol, MA 01331. He is staying with a friend. He is borrowing clothes from his friend who wears the same size.  I am mailing him a $20 check today. He is a humble and non demanding young man.  I feel certain that he would appreciate donations. Then he could buy some new clothes and obtain needed lost items.

Thank you for your kind consideration in this request.

You can make a donation directly to Robert at above address, Or Make PayPal donations to Mary Ellen Ryall. Please indicate donation is for fire victims. I will take responsibility for distributing funds and presents to fire victim children. You can also mail a donation to Mary Ellen Ryall, PO Box 533, Fitchburg, MA 01420. Be sure to mark envelope FIRE VICTIMS. I will send you receipt for your donations as a tax deductible donation.

What makes the season bright is remembering those less fortunate.




HAPPY TONICS [26-1911547] GuideStar Report

HAPPY TONICS [26-1911547] GuideStar Report. Every day I learn something else I need to know more about. I am trying to tap into the  Internet’s online Fundraising opportunities for our grassroots environmental education and public charity Nonprofit which would benefit from a few corporate business and individual donations. The holidays are coming and it is a perfect time for individuals and businesses to make a tax deductible donation by end of year 2011.

Response to Argumenative Article – Letter to the Editor

Last week the Monarch Butterfly Habitat received bad press from a woman who did not understand the purpose of the habitat. Here is a response from Tabitha Brown, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College, Hayward, Wisconsin, USA.

Letter to the Editor, Washburn County Register:

In regards to the letter sent by Laureli Anderson from Cumberland, I would like to say VOLUNTEER. Happy Tonics is run by volunteers. No one is paid and it is run off of donations and grants. If you want to make a difference do something about it that is constructive. Happy Tonics butterfly Garden is a nonprofit run by volunteers and if you want to make changes to it then volunteer time or make a donation. That “nice pergola” you mentioned was a donation, and so were those benches begging to be sat upon. As a volunteer I tried to find local artists to donate artwork to add to the sanctuary. Maybe you would be more successful?

Some of the grants used to run the gardens have strict guidelines. Grants by the DNR or the Forestry service have stipulations where only certain plants can be used at the sanctuary. Why is that you may ask? Because the plants used at the Garden are Indigenous to the area and these plants are what local wildlife need since people destroy their natural habitats by planting “cute little gardens.”

A natural habitat does not look like your manicured garden. It is wild and beautiful in its own way if you take the time to study and appreciate it. I volunteer at the Butterfly sanctuary. I study plants and wildlife at the Lac Courte Oreilles Community college. Prairie habitat has been reduced to 1% of what it once was less than 100 years ago. People mow it down for their gardens, homes, and farms. The wildlife that once called it home is being destroyed. Did you know the habitat of Palos Verdes blue butterfly was reduced to the size of a baseball field? Guess what that town did to the habitat? They turned it into a baseball field. Now that butterfly is extinct in the wild.

Shell Lake is taking huge steps towards environmental awareness. The Organization that supports the Butterfly Garden in Shell Lake also provides festivals, seminars, and education on environmental awareness issues. They promote sustainable living.  So next time you visit the habitat keep that in mind. You can also ask for a guided tour and learn about the plants and maybe once you know what they do you can appreciate them as much as I do.


Tabitha Brown