Need help to raise money for fire victims in Fitchburg, MA

Fire, 113 Mechanic Street, Fitchburg, MA. December 1, 2012

 Robert R. Parks, 24, a guitarist and graphic arts student who also works in sales and marketing and at Market Basket in Leominster on Saturdays

According to article in Sentinel & Enterprise, December 1, 2012. Displaced homeless tenants went to live with families. Red Cross gave food and clothing.

I spoke with Robert R. Parks, on December 3, 2012.  He lost his Mac Pro (used 2009 model) computer in fire. He’s a student at Mount Wachusetts Community College at

He is studying to be a Graphic Artist. Robert works for a Sales and Marketing Company and wants to learn how to market himself as a Graphic Artist. He also works one day a week at Market Basket in Leominster, to make ends meet.

Robert was the only person injured, burns on left arm, when he jumped from third floor apartment. His immediate need is to replace a used or restored Mac Pro. He needs a Mac Pro computer for his college work and career as a Graphic Artist.

He said that he is meeting with Insurance Company on Tuesday and will see if he can obtain other tenants address. There are two children in one family. Mr. Jose and Tali Nareo have two children:  Michael Nareo 5 and Matthew Nareo 9. Both will need Christmas presents. Children’s clothes may make a good donation also. Hopefully, I will have this information (if possible) shortly.

The children’s uncle Miguel Hermandez lived with his girlfriend in the building also.

In the meantime, Robert R. Parks address is: 89 Dorset Road, Athol, MA 01331. He is staying with a friend. He is borrowing clothes from his friend who wears the same size.  I am mailing him a $20 check today. He is a humble and non demanding young man.  I feel certain that he would appreciate donations. Then he could buy some new clothes and obtain needed lost items.

Thank you for your kind consideration in this request.

You can make a donation directly to Robert at above address, Or Make PayPal donations to Mary Ellen Ryall. Please indicate donation is for fire victims. I will take responsibility for distributing funds and presents to fire victim children. You can also mail a donation to Mary Ellen Ryall, PO Box 533, Fitchburg, MA 01420. Be sure to mark envelope FIRE VICTIMS. I will send you receipt for your donations as a tax deductible donation.

What makes the season bright is remembering those less fortunate.




American society as a whole is lossing interest in the natural world

New Mexico 2009
Native squash bloom and bumblebee

For the past two years (2009-2010), Happy Tonics, Inc. has exhibited at the Xeriscape Council of New Mexico’s Annual Xeriscape Landscaping and Water Conservation Conference.  We are proud to be connected with the Council and their work. The following article was sent by Scott Varmer, Executive Director, Xeriscape Council of New Mexico. 

by George Radnovich

Americans are staying inside in record numbers; they are playing on computers, watching television, eating perhaps too often and generally leading a very sedentary lifestyle. This has at least in part caused skyrocketing healthcare costs and obesity, especially in our children. Collateral disadvantages to this situation are that we are paying less and less attention to our outside environments as a society. This situation also does very little to educate our society about the way the natural world works and how important water is to us in arid lands. The Xeriscape Council of New Mexico sees this as an epic problem; we need to get people out into their landscapes and those of our public lands, we need to instill the wonder of looking at a flower into our children and we need to re-energize our connection to the environment and water use. Re-Connect to the Environment is the Theme of the Water Conservation Conference presented by the Council this year and I would like to be the first to Welcome you to our conference and this interesting topic!

We at the Xeriscape Council of New Mexico work very hard to deliver the most relevant topics and issues concerning our environment, water conservation and water management along with green technologies and water appropriate landscaping; these are among the most important issues of this century, and we will discuss them. However, our conference this year will concentrate on the nexus of getting people outside to learn, learn about watersheds, landscapes and yes water use.

Our speakers this year will be led by our keynote for the first day of the conference Pat Mulroy. Her leadership at the Southern Nevada Water Authority has brought water and drought issues to the forefront in Las Vegas and her strong leadership style has catapulted Las Vegas to the front of the debate. On the second day of the conference I think you’ll enjoy hearing from Mitchell Joachim (pronounced Jo-ak-um) an architect with decidedly different ideas about architecture and the natural world. He will discuss the nexus of architecture and biology and some very interesting ideas in architecture and urban design. Other speakers will talk about the importance of wild places, how to treat them and particularly how to get people out into them! We hope this year’s conference will give you the tools to understand these differences and treat them with healthy environmentally appropriate regard. Last year’s conference was much better attended than our expectations for this year – the economy is at play here. However, that hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm and we are proud that we are one of the largest national conferences devoted to outdoor water conservation in the country. We will continue to provide one of the best venues for new ideas and concepts for water conservation, policy, and methodologies for design.

Thank You and Best Regards,

George Radnovich, President
Xeriscape Council of New Mexico