We are born with genetic memory. Recently, Wil Darcangelo commenced a meditation next to a river in Vermont. Hearing the water flow and seeing the ancient glacial rocks transported me to a place of my youth in the desert and at the base of Anasazi Cliff Dwellings. The site name is lost forever, but tangible water memory remains.

A gentle stream flowed in the desert sand. Thin fingery leaves blew softly in the breeze. Ever so quietly, water flowed, and the space felt sacred. I looked at the Anastasi cliff dwellings and wondered who once lived there in peace? Where did they go and why? I thought I would never willingly leave this place. It was so entirely peaceful.

Darcangelo mentioned that the river in Vermont was a sacred site where Native Peace Gatherings once took place. Sacred sites need to remain silent to protect them. It does not surprise me that the Vermont woodland’s river resonates with the Anasazi stream in the desert. Living water speaks to us in memories.