A day of mourning

It’s over. The drama of what Bostonians and local communities have been suffering is finally at an end. The second boomer has been captured. Hopefully he lives in order for FBI to obtain information as to how and who he works with and for. So many opportunities were given to Tsarvaev and still he turned his back on the United States that gave him opportunities to excel and live the American dream. Instead of being a pride to his parents, he has brought them shame.

Life will never be the same for any victim of this attack. Their lives and their families and friends  are altered forever.  The heartbreak of parents, and other members of family and friends of lost victims is so sorrowful. All our prayers go out to them today and forever. We are the light of the world. We must not lose faith. America is the home to immigrants and I for one don’t want to trade my freedom for any other form of government. The USA is Blessed. Let us remember to pray and remember One country under God.


How sad can it be when someone decides to cause harm to innocent people who are happily running in the Boston Marathon. Today is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts. The American Revolution started near here. Today is the Boston Marathon when thousands come from all over the globe to run the Boston Marathon. Who or what could be this evil?

A little boy of 8 lost his life. Many lost limbs. My heart is sad as I image yours is too.

MusicAlterLet us offer prayers, light candles of intention and send healing light to all those victimized by this unspeakable nightmare.