When the studen…

When the student is willing, the teacher appears.

Ground cedar
Ground cedar

Is it possible to be still going to school at 68 years of age? I decided that living in the digital age requires that I understand my digital camera, beyond point and shoot and macro photography. I don’t like to take photos of people or landscape because they don’t turn out. You might wonder, why don’t they turn out? The simple answer is that I only know how to take fabulous macro photography. I love it.

Even when I visit family I don’t take their photo. Instead, I head to the woods and look for plants I have never seen before so that I have the thrill of the hunt. Nothing makes me as happy as finding a new plant species I don’t know. This is when I concentrate on photography. In this case I had been looking for running cedar. Eventually I found a colony in my sister’s woods. The plant is a clubmoss. Learn more about running cedar at http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/running_cedar.htm