American Rivers : Elwha River Restoration: Background and History

May rivers run free. Here is a success story of the Elwha River and restoration back to natural life. The project gives hope to citizens and native people alike. The dismantling of Glines Canyon dam will allow the water to run where it can do the most good. This is natural habitat for wild salmon and other species. Let the rivers run free!


American Rivers : Elwha River Restoration: Background and History.


Larry the Frog Wants to Talk With YOU


Shell Lake
Shell Lake

We just received an email from John Haack, St. Croix Basin Natural Resources Educator, UW-Extension, regarding a  a YouTube video about the importance of shoreline restoration. To keep northern Wisconsin lakes thriving in natural habitat for frogs, property owners along the store need to pay attention to Larry the bull frog. Won’t you take a moment and listen to him too? 

Larry, the All-American Bullfrog. Written by John Haack, Bret Shaw and Travis…
Happy Tonics has a Restored Remnant Tallgrass Prairie not far from Shell Lake’s public beach. The lake so far is pristine. We hope that summer residents will follow the call to convert their shoreline to native habitat so that Shell Lake can remain pristine.
Shoreline Restoration Garden, Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Shoreline Restoration Garden, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

 Land and Water Conservation Department works closely with lake property owners to help them undersand why native habitat is so important.

  Mowed lawns down to the lake are upsetting the natural order and more shoreline can be lost to erosion if it continues.