The Moon Came To say Goodnight

I work up at 6:30 am. It felt like the full moon had come to say goodnight. She was  full in the early morning sky appearing in a bright ball of yellow. I got up, lit a candle, and ceremoniously started to practice Tai chi. I wanted to honor her. Doing push pull, I gently bid her goodnight as she slipped behind the hills of Fitchburg.

full moon


Weather outside too hot to enjoy but what a moon


I am listening to Gong music on Heart of Space this morning. Bought hamburger
and steak to cook outside today. Last night I waited for the full moon. It was
a mosquito annoying time at first. But up she came. I lit the candles and
earlier had filled the kids pool. It was still pretty cold but refreshing
after being so sticky all afternoon.  All by myself. How I revel in these
free times with the full moon.

I never made it to Shell Lake yesterday. It was simply too
hot and I am not pushing it. Rode my bike over to the motel. Gary and I sat on
his bench outside and enjoyed his dog Toby who is now my new friend. Gary and
I laugh because life here is even better than the TV show Northern Lights. Then
I rode to Stony’s. Neat I can put my bike on his deck so I don’t have to worry
about some kid taking it. Had an ice tea and then it was time to come home and
wait. The moon how glorious she was. Came up orange and like a
big oriental lantern light. Rising quickly in the night’s sky. Every moment
precious as I joined my heart to hers.
Two days ago a beautiful black bear walked through the
field next to back property and then casually walked over to Erv’s. Beautiful
creature. So rounded and black. The neighbor was just out taking a
Stay cool. Hope tomorrow cools down or I probably won’t
want to venture out. Talk later.
The heat zaps
Good thoughts coming your way,

Full moon is so bright

What a glorious wonder. The full moon in Northwest Wisconsin is the biggest and brightest I have ever seen. They say tomorrow if it is clear out it will be even more dazzling. I tell you to be out in the moonlight is like keeping the moon company. Perhaps it is the other way around, maybe the moon is keeping us company and playfully thrilling us tonight.

I hope you can see her and that you are dazzled too.