Tearing us apart from the top down Monsanto Roundup

Please tell everyone that Monsanto needs to stop selling Roundup. It is killing bees and other unintended pollinators, such as butterflies. Do you think that eating poisoned fruit, nuts and vegetables is safe?

Hardly, buy organic and get to know your local farmer. Become a supporter of healthy living and eating.

Sign the petition to stop the selling of Roundup at



Today I plan to go out to the Sundial Community Garden and start planting the cool crop seedlings. My sister is dropping off some white rosa rugosa. I am planting thorny plants on the outside of fence to deter the public, including children, from climbing over the fence.Image

It is my hope that we can encourage a youth garden where we can teach children how to grow their own vegetables that they would be proud to bring home to their mothers.