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It has been quite awhile since I posted. Lovely to see the lettering is bigger. I can actually read it without having to use reading glasses. I think I am going to like this.

I am getting ready to go out to dinner with my niece so I will close shortly.

SATURDAY – April 23
10 am – 12 noon
Walk Around the Park

Retired biologist, Neal Anderson, will lead us on a walk around the park at Gateway Park, 19 Sheldon Street, Fitchburg, MA. Find out about plants, invasive species, the Natural Pollinator Habitat, Community Garden.  It is going to be a lot of fun because there is always something new to learn.

If you are visiting Fitchburg, MA, come on out and join us. The art is from the art wall on Main Street, Fitchburg, MA.

Sweetest robin I have ever seen
Sweetest robin I have ever seen

Looking for a home

I found that home in Minong, Wisconsin. It is a little village of 531 people at present count. I lived there for 12 years, the longest time I  have lived anywhere. Now I live in Fitchburg, MA. I’ve lasted two years, but it is not home.

Wind chimes at my private wild butterfly habitat.
Wind chimes at my private wild butterfly habitat.

In the fall 2014, I am moving back to my ancestral home of Saratoga Springs, NY. I’ll be able to post a lot more there.

Looking towards it.


I’ll be finished with community outreach in August after I complete the summer environmental education program.


First Parish UU Ftchburgm MA

drumcircle 001Today was a sample of how one can worship. We celebrated our selves and Creator.

Dave Curry is a master drummer. He came to lead us today in a primal communication with Mother Earth’s Heart Beat. Drums have honored Creation and the Creator for thousands of years by Native Americans and tribal people from around the world.

I brought an Africal hand drum that Sheila Lumi gave me. She knew that eventually I would be able to play it at the Drummers Circle on First Thursdays. Sometimes I make it there after exhibiting at the Farmers Market, at Fitchburg Art Museum, on First Thursday, that is if I have any energy left.


Today was unique. Loved the chant: The Earth is Our Mother (repeat each line twice)

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her;  Hey yung a-ho yung, a-hey yung yung

The Sky is our Father, we will take care of him; Hey yung a-ho yung, a-hey yung yung

The Sea is our Sister, we will take care of her; Hey yung a-ho yung, a-hey yung yung

The Forest is our Brother, we will take care of him; Hey yung a-ho yung, a-hey yung yung

The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her; Hey yung a-ho yung, a-hey yung yung

I can only remember how we chanted the first part. I guess I will make up the rest of the melody, until I hear it again.

Perhaps the following will be some help with translation:

The Earth is Our Mother

 The earth is our mother, we must take care of her
The earth is our mother, we must take care of her
Hey yunga, ho yunga, hey yung, yung
Hey yunga, ho yunga, hey yung, yung

(Her sacred ground we walk upon,with every step we take)

 (The sky is our father, we must take care of him)

 (His sacred air we breathe it in, with every breath we take)


Out of sight is not not of mind

Hello Insectamonarca friends,

Well, I have been on quite a trek. I got to MA from WI after suffering a heat stroke. It had me immobilized in bed for days with chills I was too ill even to dial for help. On June 10, I journeyed over to Turtle Lake, WI, and checked into a hotel. It wasn’t the best experience. Then the shuttle took me to the airport in St. Paul, MN. I had to take two shuttles.

Caught a plane to Chicago where I had to change planes and landed in Boston where my brother-in-law picked me up. I was feeling poorly. Hadn’t eaten all day and had minimum water just to keep my mouth dry. Then the troubles started to kick in. My body shut down. Constipation, rash all over my body. My sister took me to urgent care, then emergency. I had to start a regimin to get my body working again.

I checked myself into another hotel where I could have privacy and a bathroom. All I could eat was yogurt, a cup of New England Cham Chowder, water and ginger ale. I spend days here in my room. My brother-in-law picked me up at the hotel so I could get my hair cut.

I was here to attend my niece’s wedding today and there were all kinds of preperary celebrations, none of which I could attend. I went back to the hotel, only to have a total meltdown from the excessive heat and no air conditioning at the old farm house. Then the crap hit the fan. I started to not be able to breath, I was sick to my stocmach and felt I was going to die.

I called my sister and told her I was in trouble. The front desk called and asked me if I needed help. I said, “Call an ambulence and get me oxygen. I tought I would die for sure simply because I couldn’t breath. I didn’t even have my inhaler. I have COPD which is complicated by excessive heat and humidity.

The ambulance came and the medics gave me oxygen even though I still couldn’t breath. Then I was taken to critical care where they started me on steroids to open my lungs. I received excellent care in critical care and around the clock medical attention. The unknown skin rash is suspected to be possibly linked to Lynn’s disease and infectious disease ran some blood tests to see if it is something serious. In the meantime, I was transferred to the hospital and I plan to go home tomorrow.

This was a real eye opener and I don’t beleave anything happens by coincidence. I realize I can’t live out in WI all on my own with complicated health issues now. There is more to this story. It will take me a few years I suspect to sell the house and property. Mind you, I am completely restoring my antique redroom home which I love. It won’t be a quick move. I am just starting to flutter now and it will all fall into place at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, my niece was married at 2 pm at Holy Cross College’s Catholic Church. They are all dancing away now at Fruitland’s Museaum and grounds in Harvard, MA. I breath easy knowing I can still flutter in my imagination so I hover around all my family and friends there and know I am in good hands.

This is the reason I haven’t written for wahile. I am now transforming into the next stage of my life. If my friends are reading this Blog, know that I am healing and doing Tai chi and Yoga even here in the hospital. I can always find a quite corner to BE.

Be happy Insectamonarcxa friends where ever you are.

Written at Univ. of MA Hospital, Fitchburg, MA. I don’t have my reading glasses so I can’t check for typos until I go home to my sister’s farm.

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