Today We Sing Your Praises

Hand Drum Contest – Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Convention Center, Hayward, WI.  Happy Tonics will be at LCO Ojiwe Community College on Thursday to present a program on Oneida Culture and Corn.  It is all about saving tribal indigenous crop species from extinction. 

Brighter Planet VOTING PERIOD has ended.  Happy Tonics, Inc. received 234 VOTES for their initiative to adapt to Climate Change.  Happy Tonics, Inc. Officers and Board Members wish to thank each and every one of you for your votes.  Today we heard from Michelle L. Voight, Executive Director, of Tourism Washburn County Tourism Association at  Michelle let us know she VOTED for  adapt to Climate Change Native Habitat and Community Garden in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

 We are both members of Destination Marketing Organization at   Nancy Herman, Yellow River Advertising and Marketing and Greg Vreeland, Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad, are dedicated to letting the public know that we have some great green initiatives to promote Eco tourism and Volunteer Eco vacations in the Great North Woods of Wisconsin.  Check out the train schedule in Spooner at  to find some interesting short excursions that include meals and other eco friendly activities like the pumpkin train that goes out to a pumpkin patch in the fall.

Monarch Butterfly Habitat
Monarch Butterfly Habitat, Shell Lake, WI, USA copyright Cindy Dyer

 In the summer, right down the road from Spooner is the Monarch Butterfly Habitat that Happy Tonics implements.  The city owned land is now a Restored Remnant Tallgrass Prairie for many species of butterflies, native bees and dragonflies.  Visitors have even seen ducks, deer and a bear come wandering through the habitat. 

One doesn’t need a lot of land to restore nature back to native habitat.  Native plants are host plants to butterflies and do not require intensive watering.  The plants have very deep roots.  The prairie rose has been known to grow 20 feet down into the soil to tap water.  Can you image lawns doing this?  Why deplete water to maintain a lawn?  Native grasses and wildflowers can do all this with so little in return.   With climate change we need to adapt.  Bless you all for voting and helping to protect Mother Earth. 

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you are.


Eco Adventure in Wisconsin – day nine

It is Saturday and almost time for this eco adventure to end.  One more night and day to go.

Not much news here.  It is still snowing and most likely there is over 18″ of snowfall.  The country road hasn’t been plowed out since December 24.  I remember years ago on the farm and I THOUGHT I WOULD GO MAD not being able to get in or out at times in the winter. 

Unplowed country road
The road less traveled

I think I am going a little star crazy now and will be happy that the owners (Happy Tonics officer/board member, husband and wife team) are coming home tomorrow from Costa Rica.  I don’t know how they’ll be able to drive into the driveway with all the snow.  I tried to shovel a little but it is wet and heavy and will have to wait for stronger arms than mine.

Sadie has been tired today.  Neither of us slept much last night and we are rather tired today.  The tree trunks are completely covered with the snow and the branches are also laden. 

Snow on tree trucks
Snow covered tree trucks.

 I am housebound by choice.  It is just too dark and wet to be out there. 

Instead I made homemade potato soup with organic onions and broccoli and it was good.  I only flavored it with pepper and a bay leaf.  I added Orrington Farms low sodium chicken flavoring and I highly recommend it for chicken stock.

Well readers it is time to nearly say goodbye for this adventure.  I may have one more time tomorrow to jot down a few notes.  I was interested in seeing who would read the blog.  I can see a snow winter adventure did not attract much attention.

Happy Tonics is exploring to see if there is any interest in Eco adventures in Wisconsin.  I am leaning towards something that offers hotels or camping opportunities with an eco volunteer vacation.  We would welcome visitors who want to assist us at the Monarch Butterfly Habitat, in Shell Lake, Wisconsin during the summer of 2010.

The butterfly path through habitat
A wood chip path put down by youth and volunteers.

Stay happy readers where ever you are.

Happy Tonics is Migrating to Costa Rica for an Eco Adventure by Mary Ellen Ryall

Copyright of Rancho Margot, Costa Rica, Central America
view of Lago Arenal in view of the Arenal Volcano and the valley of the Rio Cano Negro and is surrounded by the Children Eternal Forest and the Arenal Forest Reserve

We are pleased to announce that Sandy Stein and Pat Shields, husband and wife, will be in Costa Rica for much of December.

Stein is secretary of Happy Tonics, Inc. a nonprofit environmental education organization and public charity.  Pat Shields is a board member and facility at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College.

They will be staying at Rancho Margot, a 300 acre self sufficient working ranch at tp://

The Reserva Biologica de Monteverde is just 15 km from the ranch.  The natural paradise setting of the ranch is on Lago Arenal in view of the Arenal Volcano and the valley of the Rio Cano Negro and is surrounded by the Children Eternal Forest and the Arenal Forest Reserve. 

Costa Rica has the most species of butterflies anywhere in the world outside of Ecuador.  We hope the team is able to photograph butterfly species that are unfamiliar to us.  A video camera will record interviews at the organic ranch.  Happy Tonics mission is:  Sanctuary for the Monarch Butterfly and Food Safety Issues.  We are looking at other countries to see what we can learn about staying small, producing our own local and organic food, promoting biodiversity of habitat for butterflies and eco tourism.  Be sure to keep up with the blog news in December here at Insectamonarca’s Blog.