Implementing a new butterfly habitat

Sunday was a family day. My niece Amelia wanted to go to the Wild Butterfly Habitat and help scatter native wildflower seed to help start a new pollinator corridor. I was happy to share plant knowledge with her. Witch Hazel grows in the habitat and I excitedly showed my niece the elusive plant.

I explained that it was astringent and good for the skin. Amelia said, “Good because I have a pimple.” We picked a twig with tiny flowers. When we retired home, I boiled up water and ran the boiled water over the cut twig that exposed the inner bark where medicine is stored. It smelled good. After it cooled, we dipped our hands in the ¬†water and splashed it all over our faces.

Amelia noticed that the water made her face dry. It would – it is an astringent.