You feeling this too?

I think the Earth is being reborn. Read Lara/Trace Blog and maybe we will understand better what is happening. Be sure that staying positive in the midst of darkness is OK. As long as we remember to pray, meditate, see the beauty of nature, and go out into it daily to replenish our spirits, we will be OK. Don’t get lazy and forget to exercise. It is a time of trauma on many levels, but we can stay safe at home. Be thankful not to out where the air virus germs can reach you. Do things you love. I am making a bandolier bag by crewel work with wool thread. It is floral and someday hopefully it will be my herb collecting bag. Stay well.


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  1. Lara/Trace says:

    I am thinking of you with gratitude. Thank you for mentioning my post. It was 5 years ago it hit me but I reposted this year. Here is the link for your readers:


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