When I read Viking, NJ, I questioned if any part of the story was genuine? Were the Vikings in America? According to BBC, “If [Sarah] Parcak has found evidence of another Viking site, it will ignite a new search for Viking settlements across eastern Canada and New England, perhaps as far south as New York and even beyond. Source: The link supplies the transcript. 

Eric Green, the author, came up with an imaginable story about a former people. The Vikings have fascinated the public for what seems forever.

How does one protect a society? Follow the story of Olvir’s mountain and Olvir’s people in Dellinholm and Tyrholm. In the story, the Vikings build a settlement on higher ground, so the community is protected. 

Any book that opens the door to scientific curiosity is good because it is going beyond simply storytelling. Viking, NJ, allows the reader to learn something at the same time.