The Moon Came To say Goodnight

I work up at 6:30 am. It felt like the full moon had come to say goodnight. She was  full in the early morning sky appearing in a bright ball of yellow. I got up, lit a candle, and ceremoniously started to practice Tai chi. I wanted to honor her. Doing push pull, I gently bid her goodnight as she slipped behind the hills of Fitchburg.

full moon


Global Warming and Polar Vortex

We are into a new reality when it comes to weather. I listened to a scientist on TV today and understood the the Polar Vortex is spilling out to southern latitudes because of an extreme unbalance due to arctic melt.

To think of southern states with ice and snow. Catastrophic storms are being common as we acclimate to a changing weather pattern.


When the studen…

When the student is willing, the teacher appears.

Ground cedar
Ground cedar

Is it possible to be still going to school at 68 years of age? I decided that living in the digital age requires that I understand my digital camera, beyond point and shoot and macro photography. I don’t like to take photos of people or landscape because they don’t turn out. You might wonder, why don’t they turn out? The simple answer is that I only know how to take fabulous macro photography. I love it.

Even when I visit family I don’t take their photo. Instead, I head to the woods and look for plants I have never seen before so that I have the thrill of the hunt. Nothing makes me as happy as finding a new plant species I don’t know. This is when I concentrate on photography. In this case I had been looking for running cedar. Eventually I found a colony in my sister’s woods. The plant is a clubmoss. Learn more about running cedar at