Allow children to feel confident

Recently, I read Little Wolf’s First Howling, by Laura McGee Kvasnosky and Kate Harvey McGee. It is a short story of a young wolf going out with his father to learn how to howl. The story tells us that even when a young one can’t perform like an experienced adult, the parent approves the young one’s performance. There is no criticism, there is no disapproval. A great lesson indeed.

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Talkupy – Jason Graham – Native Bee Nest Site Project 06/07 by Talkupy | Blog Talk Radio

Talkupy – Jason Graham – Native Bee Nest Site Project 06/07 by Talkupy | Blog Talk Radio.

I was listening to the interview, which I like very much. Tomorrow when I am fresh, I will relisten and contact Annie Lindstrom. She asked if I would be interested in coming on the Blog radio station. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to talk about monarch butterfly as a pollinator. The life cycle of the monarch now has an Endangered Migration Phenomena.

I have authored two published books about the butterfly. The books are illustated children’s book, My Name is Butterfly can be used by teachers and parents to teach children. One is a charming story about a girl in her garden who discoveres the wonders of the monarch butterfly. The other book is a Monarch Butterfly Coloring Book. This too is a teaching book, ilustrated by Mora McCusker, artist in Gordon, WI.


Stacie Theis interviews published author Mary Ellen Ryall

Hello Insectamonarca friends,

Many of you realize that I have now become a published author. It is all about the monarch butterfly. As executive director of Happy Tonics, Inc., I have been fortunate to stay “tuned into” the life cycle of the monarch. I have come to understand the risks, biology, host and nectar sources, environmental behavior and a list that just keeps growing.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

Stacie Theis interviews published author Mary Ellen Ryall.

Butterfly book and more books flutter to Viwa Island, Fiji

My Name is Butterfly
My Name is Butterfly

I mailed a copy of My Name is Butterfly to Sidney, Australia. Michele Darmanin and her husband recently traveled by boat to a small remote island, Viwa Island, Fiji. She asked a Writers’s Group for children’s book donations. Michele wanted to donate children’s books to start a library at the small school.

She started the project by sending two boxes of used children’s books. The teacher and students were happy and grateful to receive this gift from the heart. I looked on Google and discovered that Fiji has monarch butterflies. How fitting that my monarch butterfly book took wing. Michele will ship my book along with other new children’s book donations to Viwa, Island, Fiji.

The Blue Moon Butterfly on Viwa Island Fiji 02
The Blue Moon Butterfly on Viwa Island Fiji 02

Michele was kind enough to send me a YouTube video that she took of the blue moon butterflies on Viwa Island. In the video the markings look white but they are actually blue. Photo copyright Michele Darmanin.

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Butterflies are the symbol of transformation. I am delighted that My Name is Butterfly took flight to manifest this vision of starting a school library.