Insectamonarca News

I do have butterfly and native plant news to share.

Spring is nearly here. Watch the news for a new parisite that may be attaching itself to the Monarch Butterfly and then infesting the caterpillar.

Butterflies of the Prairie Habitat was published in 2021. The book received outstanding reviews from a Native American journalist, a university professor, a social worker, and a cloud business creator. I am honored to know extraordinary people doing good work to benefit the planet. They know of my pollinator work and want to assist in getting the word out.

I will be 77 years old in April, and time is of the essence. What happens to the Monarch Butterfly will happen to us. I am grateful to my collaborators. We don’t do this work for the money, but rather the passion for the sustainability of the species.

Be sure to plant Milkweed in the spring. Thank you.