Hello insectamonarca friends,

I am normally not a football fan but when it comes to the Super Bowl I shouted and clapped with the best of fans. We were at the Minong, WI, Senior Center and absolutely had a ball. Seniors wanted to be together for the game.

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. I have sporadic Wi-Fi from my home and I am busying writing text for a coloring book. More on that later. I thought I would get back to writing and filling in the Monitoring of Species at the Monarch Butterfly Habitat this winter but this writing project took priority.

We will be on Discover Wisconsin starting on March 12 and two more times within a two-year period. I feel it is important enough to get some publishing done at least by our IV Annual Earth Day Event in Shell Lake, WI, on April 23 and so I am focusing on writing this winter.

A wildlife update. Two deer where standing as still as a tree trunk when I walked home for the center this evening. What a thrill they were to see on the 1/2 acre property standing deep in the snow. I just stopped dead in my tracks and watched them until they decided to leap away.

Be well insectamonarca friends where ever you are.