Go Green at Work

Our home on Main Steet USA
Happy Tonics downtown office and store

Happy Tonics closed its downtown office/store in downtown USA and now operates the nonprofit in Cyberspace.  A student intern telecommutes and works with us through a grant for 20 hours per week thanks to Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College, in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Staff meets occasionally, mostly talk on phone, email and schedule weekly conference calls to complete assignments.  No more wasted office space and operating expenses.
Employee has less stress, commute time and expense of wardrobe and gas.  Pounds of CO2 emissions are also saved. 
Happy Tonics believes in sustainability.  The nonprofit 501 (c)(3) environmental education organization and public charity does not need to incur unnecessary expenses in a recession when the nonprofit operates from five different locations in three different states.  We all telecommute.
Isn’t the age of technology wonderful?
If the Federal Government can offer its employees this option for a few days a week, surely businesses can do their part to save energy and expenses also.  Colleges can give hope to their students and place them with nonprofits thus building their skills and resume at the same time.   
Go Green at Work