Joyful, Joyful We Sing

111713 00317 November 2013 – It was a music filled afternoon with The Gardner Choral Chamber Choir.  The program was presented at First Parish UU, 923 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA, as part of the Monthly Cultural Series. Musicians honored us with good cheer and marvelous song including works by Helvy, Rutter, Bernon, Walker, and others.

111713 006There are also a few professionals in the group and their voices were suburb.  Diane Cushing, director and singer, had an extraordinary range. It was thrilling to hear her waves of musical ability.

111713 011Don Miller, bass soloist, brought something deep and rich to the mix of blended voices.

One song was about a Rabbi. He taught the people of his village three words: Justice, Truth, and Peace. Where justice is done, truth is said, and peace shall come. The program was versatile and catchy. Some sacred,holiday, love, and some pieces were sung in the round. It was a joyful time.


When I was young, I used to sing, and I had a good voice then. I sang on TV, did weekly radio programs, as a folk singer in a folk group with my sister [she has given me strict instructions not to use her name] and a sweet young man named Bruce Harrington. Bruce walked on early in life. He did go to California, as a performer, and lived his dream in Venus. I performed in plays and in a choral group, at St. Dominic’s Church, in Washington, DC, with my friend Deneen Stambone. I lived in the world of music both in singing and dancing. Now I have lost my voice since I have a degenerative respiratory ailment. I was thinking about this today as I listened to this wonderful group of happy singers.  I don’t even remember what my voice sounded like, but I remember how joyful it was to sing. My grandmother always told me, “Nothing lasts forever.” Back then, I could paint pictures with my voice. Now I paint pictures with words. I couldn’t write then or at least I didn’t believe I could. It took years of experience, training, and encouragement to build self esteem.

The Greater Gardner Chamber Choir will perform with the Thayer Conservatory Orchestra at Fitchurg State University on December 7th.

Join us for the December Cultural Series: December 15 at 2 pm – Oneness Blessing. A meditative and peaceful journey through sound.


Here come the videos for Earth Day Event in Shell Lake, WI 2011

Monarch caterpillar two days after 100 mph storm
Monarch caterpillar two days after 100 mph storm

Jennifer Barton, environmental specialist, sent me two videos today that she was able to create on YouTube. I am learning more technical skills daily. I wish I had a way to add email addesses from my computer to any of the sites I am Blogging on but my computer was set up to do no such thing. I can’t share my contacts outside of my own system. This makes it difficult to add friends to new sites. Perhaps someday!

Shell Lake, WI

 This is an announcement about my book My Name is Butterfly getting published with Cassie and her mother Tanya Thompson as live models at

Now listen to the New Editions Band who played voluntarily at the event. We are grateful to our many friends.

The Earth is a better place because of all of you. It is a transformation in process when one learns that it is not about one’s self. It is about the collective subconscience and how we all work together in an ancient hive of sustainability and collaboration.

Purchase the books Monarch of the Butterflies and My Name is Butterfly on Amazon.

Source: Jennifer Barton is an Environmental Specialist with Northwest Regional Planning, Recycling Department.

From One Extreme to Another

This Veteran’s Day I went to the Spooner, Wisconsin, Veteran’s Cemetery. I was there to honor my husband who walked on – July 4, 2010. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Now I am listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Crossfire.” This is how I am feeling today as I listen to the news about wars still ongoing and learn just how troubled our country is now for the little person. This is most of us. It is a waiting game to see just how we are all going to land on our feet in this national economic disaster  and political battle. I thought you might enjoy listening my favorite singer and guitar player performing “Crossfire”  at

Be well insectamonarca friends where ever you are.

Only You music from The Young Victoria by Sinead O’Connor

I dedicate this beautiful music to my husband who will be leaving me shortly for the other side.

Walk in beauty.

July 4, 2010. I kept vigil every hour on the hour and Will walked on between 1 a.m. to 3 a.m.  I was so happy we were able to do it his way “at home” and that his last hours were peaceful. 

 A few hours before he literally passed away, I was out on the back property doing ceremony.  He walked towards me and kept walking to the west. He was happy, healthy and younger. He turned around and smiled at me as if to say “How well and happy I am.”  It really was confirming to me that he is happy now and there is nothing to fear about crossing over the rainbow road because it is so beautiful.
Thank you Hospice for being so extraordinary in your caring for my husband. It has been six months since February 3, 2010 when we learned it was terminal cancer. Hospice was part of Will’s life and leaving from start to finish on July 4. I am so grateful to them. 
Walk in beauty,
Butterfly woman