Looking for a home

I found that home in Minong, Wisconsin. It is a little village of 531 people at present count. I lived there for 12 years, the longest time I  have lived anywhere. Now I live in Fitchburg, MA. I’ve lasted two years, but it is not home.

Wind chimes at my private wild butterfly habitat.
Wind chimes at my private wild butterfly habitat.

In the fall 2014, I am moving back to my ancestral home of Saratoga Springs, NY. I’ll be able to post a lot more there.

Looking towards it.


I’ll be finished with community outreach in August after I complete the summer environmental education program.



Food Fight and Seed Bombs*

Vandana Shiva is my hero when it comes to saving seed and making our own food democracy. We must take our seeds back from the companies that want to patent them and have. Claim your little plot of land. We did in a community garden in a city park in Fitchburg, MA.

Woman Aloud

“Seed is not just the source of life. It is the very foundation of our being.”  – Vandana Shiva

 If the name Vandana Shiva doesn’t ring a bell, you probably don’t know jack about why saving and sharing seeds from your organic produce is the ultimate act of rebellion against the corporatocracy.  No matter.  Just know that this food fight is anything but a frivolous venting of teenage high spirits.  In fact, with California’s drought worsening and threatening crops, and Monsanto scoring big in legal battles to continue privatizing nature, the timing couldn’t be better.  If you eat, this fight is your fight. Consider yourself enlisted.

Vandana Shiva 2Dressed in her beautiful saris and signature bindi, physicist, author, ecofeminist and seed activist, Dr. Shiva hardly looks the revolutionary. But spend a few minutes in her company – there are plenty of videos to choose from – and she will make…

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Flerds -OR- How Durham, NC shaped me into the scientist I am today

Always good to hear about food security in other communities and cities. Good work.


A colorful display of fresh veggies at the Durham Farmers Market.

Yes, Durham.  What used to be considered the armpit of “The Triangle” (Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham) has re-gentrified and transmogrified its way into a food-centric, community-minded mecca.  I lived there for five years and fell in love with my neighbors (shout out to my Old West Durham peeps), the community (things like the Durham Literacy CenterSEEDS, and the Scrap Exchange), and the beautiful landscape.  The Durham County Library system has received attention recently for developing a seed library in addition to the stacks of those heavy, paper thingies…oh yeah, books (just kidding, I love real books).  Library patrons will be able to sign out a packet of seeds and “return” them by saving seeds from their harvest in the fall.  This epitomizes the culture of Durham that helped spark my interest in food as an…

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