Net of Light for Mother Earth (A Call for Prayer)

Grandmother Whitedeer has sent a message: Remember there is a Global Heart Offering Ceremony for Water on Sunday at Sunset.  Please watch the video to learn more at

Chief Arvol Lookinghorse says, “Mother Earth is the source of life not a resource.”


    1. I do not know of any Prayer Circle in Austin, TX, at this point in time. We will be gathering tonight at sunset to welcome the Star Beings. We will reach up our arms with open hearts to receive messages of love and healing. Grandmother Whitedeer says they are coming to help Mother Earth. As a Light Bearer each one of us will represent where we stand in the world. I will be doing my ceremony alone at sunset in Minong, WI (population 561). Simply find a location that is sacred to you be it backyard, deck or balcony. Where ever you stand will be honored.

      It looks like rain today here. I will look up the hour for sunset and time it this way. I will bless the falling water from the sky as we all pray. Rain is so needed in northwest Wisconsin and around the world especially blessed clean rain. May the Star Beings come to help us with the Gulf of Mexico water disaster. We have been in drought in my corner of the world for eight years now.

      May we all be gathered and honor where we live and the waters that bless and give us life. May our united prayers for love of water be felt by the waters in the Gulf of Mexico. You can contact Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer directly at
      The Web site is

      Thank you for your kind message.
      Mary Ellen
      Butterfly Woman


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