The air felt like an early fall morning. The sky was soft on inhaling the breathable, invisible substance of life. Walking sticks, a large brim hat adorned with dark blue tie-dye scarf, and sandals on my feet, I explored the morning. The Blue Jays called out a warning. Were they telling each other, watch out the crows are coming? And, that was the next sound that filled the sky. Beneath my feet, dew beads glistened on the underside of grass. The silent brown rabbit was still and huddled in the tall field grass being present.

I don’t need anything else to make the morning perfect. A reflection in prayer is sight, sound, and beauty. May you know the joy of nature where you walk in gratitude. Photo copyright Google Images

Monarch Butterfly Chatbook – Wings in Chrysalis


As the butterfly develops, the chrysalis changes from a jewel like lime green color to a dark color. At this stage the butterfly is developing inside and wings may be visible to the naked eye. As the butterfly nears emergence, the chrysalis turns transparent.

a bean plant grew in the garden with a hanging chrysalis attached to a leaf. A rabbit had eaten a large portion of the bean leaf. For days on end, I visited the bean plant to see how the chrysalis was doing. It was unnerving to witness the fact that the chrysalis was quite exposed now because of the nibbling.  Fortunately the monarch was about to be born and I was at hand to witness the birth of the monarch butterfly during the first three hours of the butterfly’s life.