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Mary Ellen Ryall copyright Cindy Dyer

At 70 years old, I am wondering if I want to undergo the lengthy process of publishing two more manuscripts that have already been written, at least the first drafts. For one thing I  am dyslexic and I wrote this article awhile ago and only see some of the mistakes now. Yiks!

To undertake the work, I need to hire an editor and work closely with someone again. I don’t want my past editors to undertake the project because they have already given so much and for gratis. It is a grueling process, I am just not sure I want to undergo this project and yet, I feel a need write and publish.

There is no better time, because I only have this window of opportunity to get the work done. Perhaps, I would be better off writing text as best as I can and simply put it out there on WordPress or Weebly. It is all about sharing knowledge anyway. I am a surviver and naturalist. One book is on herbs and the other is an adventure story about a girl who ventured out into the world simply by empowering herself, matter if it was going down the Amazon, or taking a volunteer job in Peru, which was nothing by chaos, poverty, revolution theology, and violence. The main character tried it all as best she could and for as long as she was able.

These stories want to be told. Perhaps they should be published as eBooks. The manuscripts would still need an editor and perhaps the best choice would be to hire an editor and take the plunge.

The New Year is coming and I will make up my mind before then. After all, life is a story…………… and there is no end to a story………… It can always be rewritten and told again.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Dr Max Whitten said,

    March 15, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    Hi, Mary Ellen

    I’m an entomologist in Australia, once serving as Chief of Entomology in CSIRO. I am concerned about a recent claim by a group that they discovered the rare Australian Fritillary. You will find details on their website

    I am quite sure that the claim is fabricated. When they were challenged about the image they were using (it was of another genus only occurring in the northern hemisphere), today they changed it to one of your images, namely, the Meadow Fritillary.

    If you visit their site, you will note this deception. Are you able to confirm that you did not give permission for this situation?

    The earlier image they were using until today was of the silver-washed Fritillary taken from the website:

    Many thanks


    • May 7, 2016 at 2:21 pm

      Hi Max, Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. I have been away from this Blog site for awhile. I don’t see any of our Fritillary photos on the links you sent.

      The Meadow Fritillary photo that we have is copyrighted by Cindy Dyer of Dyer Design. It will be published in “Butterflies of the Prairie Habitat,” in 2016. Hope this helps.

      Thank you for asking.

      Mary Ellen
      Our children’s butterfly books are on store, which sells directly on Amazon

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