We-Cycle is the way to go

We-Cycle is the way to go
by Mary Ellen Ryall

On Saturday March 5, I visited Indianhead Community Action Agency (ICAA) at 608 Service Road in Spooner. Dawn Wagner, ICAA, offered participants an opportunity to pick out a clothing item from the Thrift Store and turn it into something new.  I was invited to participate in the We-Cycle event with Minnesota Wisconsin Lake and Pines Girl Scout Troop. Sara Wickre came up with the idea of turning old wear into new wear.  

I watched as Sara instructed Neissya York in how to safely use a sewing machine. Neissya turned a pair of pink pants into a mini-skirt.

Dakota smartly showing off new purse.

 Dakota Robinson was proud to show off her new purse made from recycled pants. The strap was made from an old tie.  When the times are touch we can count on some ingenious ways to stretch money by turning to We-Cycle. March events:  Mittens, hats and slippers, March 12; Rug making with a free community class, March 19; and Denim projects March 26.  Event held each Saturday in March from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.   

 Happy Tonics, Inc. Visitor Center/Store in downtown, Shell Lake, applied the theme of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in 2010. We continue to accept donated items and offer resale merchandise at a reduced cost to consumers. This saves the landfill and helps folks in a recession. The theme of the store is Equal Exchange, Textile Art from elders and Guatemala Indigenous people, everything butterflies and beyond.

Santa’s Helpers

Each day in Shell Lake, WI, brings some joy my way. One of the things I have noticed is that we have a sense of humor here. Shell Lake is just a happy place.  People smile and wave when they see you in the car going down Main Street. This holiday I took pictures of some of us who are celebrating the season with headbands and hats!

Postmaster Chris Olson with donation of solar insects
Postmaster Chris Olson with donation of solar insects

Here is our Post Master, Chris Olson, in her holiday headband. Some folks may not have our sense of humor and frankly we don’t care. We go ahead and put on our silly hats anyway.  It is fun to remember that we can have a child like spirit. Holidays are a perfect opportunity to let the kid out.  

My Favorite Things at 23 Fifth Avenue, Shell Lake, WI, is selling the cutest animal hats and they are made in the USA. I simply had to buy a frog hat and amuse the seniors at Lakeland Manor where I live. I also mailed off a penguin, frog and snowman hat to my great nieces and nephew in MA.

Frog hat
Frog hat

Here’s a shot of the frog hat. I was laughing so hard that I looked terrrible so I am only letting you see the frog. Next comes Julie Symond wearing a penguin hat. You can visit her oneline store at www.saronajewels.com

Julie Symond in penguin hat
Julie Symond in penguin hat

Holly Day Saturday December 4, 2010 in Shell Lake, WI

Stained glass
Stained glass

Happy Tonics Visitors Center/Store is planning a splash of a day for shoppers and visitors on December 4, 2010. As our readers know the world is suffering in a global recession. Happy Tonics believes in homemade, homegrown, local arts and crafts. We are a nonprofit environmental education organization and public charity. People are generous and donate many items to help our cause including Ojibwa beaded butterfly pins and  framed art and photographs. We have two monarch butterfly habitats in Shell Lake that we implemented and maintain. 

By buying local, customers support their own community. We will offer savings to our guests so everyone can go home with something special to put under the Christmas tree.

Where’s the fun?

23 Fifth Avenue, Shell Lake, WI, Sarona Jewelry and My Favorite Things – Open all day. Retail store with educational toys, jewelry, Fenton glass and clothing. Refreshments to be served.

Meet Mary Ellen
Meet Mary Ellen

25 Fifth Avenue, Shell Lake, WI, Happy Tonics Visitors Center/Store – Kids Disney Movies to be shown 10 am – 2 pm

Refreshments to be served. There is indoor hall that goes between the two stores.

Happy Tonics offers new and gently used home decor, women’s clothing and books, books, books. The store sells new knitted socks, hats, shawls, sweaters both women’s and children. There are mittens, handkerchiefs, fine art, fiber art, quilted wall hangings and fabric bags from Mexico and textile vests and bags from Nepal. Check out the Ayurvedic soap from India and the dozens of butterfly gifts.

Julie Symond (My Favorite Things) and Mary Ellen (Happy Tonics Visitors Center/Store) look forward to seeing you.

Hissy the gardeners friend
Hissy the gardeners friend

Day Five- HELP US GET 100 VOTES Over Weekend Brighter Planet

We are only 14 VOTES away from 100 VOTES.  I know we can do it with your help.  Please REGISTER AND VOTE for Climate Change Native Habitat and Community Garden Shell Lake at Brighter Planet at http://brighterplanet.com/project_fund_projects/100

monarch hat
Wear your passion and show others you care.
We want to thank Salt of the Earth Press at http://www.saltpress.com/

for voting today.  Be sure to check out our beautiful butterfly art wear created by Lindy Casey, owner of Salt of the Earth Press.

 Lindy was kind enough to create butterfly product designed by artist and Happy Tonics former member Kathy Maas at CafePress.  All sales support Happy Tonics’ Monarch Butterfly Habitat and Morph Your Mind Environmental Education Programs. 

Earth Friendly Water Bottle art by K. Maas
We will campaign over the weekend on the blogs to recruit, recruit, and recruit for your VOTES. Be happy voters where ever you are.