I about finished reading Firekeeper, a Narrative of the New York Frontier by Robert Moss when I picked up a  pamphlet with History of the Saratoga Springs Mineral Waters. Within the pages I discovered that Sir William Johnson truly was alive in the early 1770s. He was an “Indian” agent for the British. Johnson is the character of the book.

Johnson had a strong bond with the Mohawks of the Iroquois Nation. In 1771, the Mohawks brought him to Saratoga Springs High Rock Spring for healing. For centures before, native people thought of the land where the springs are located as sacred ground. The springs were known as “Medicine Spring of the Great Spirit.” Sir William Johnson was the first outsider to discover the springs healing properties outside of the Iroquois Nation.

geyser (10)It wasn’t long after that outsiders heard of the healing power of the waters. In present day since I was a child, I have known that this particular spring is good for eyes and skin. My father and I went there years ago when my father was suffering from cancer. His skin was extremely sensative at the time and he told me that the spring was good for the skin

The Jewish people know of the healing power of the water and had for years been bathing their eyes and bodies with the water. I go to this spring for the mineral water to drink. I filll up water bottles and bring it back home. The water is good for the digestive system. I haven’t had any stomach upset since taking the water. The water makes me feel well.

Angels walk among us

I was thinking of the greatness of what was human, and found myself in the divine by Juan Ramon Jimenez at

nikkiparks17 November 2013 – I actually saw this in action. Nikki Parks recently completed a Master’s Degree in education to only find out that she has a continuing struggle ahead  with brain tumor cancer. She is a beautiful young woman, quite and unassuming. So poised and looking at her mother, a reflection of her own heart shined.

devotedfriendsNikki has two good friends, although I regret  I do not know their names.  They have stood sentry over their friend, like angel wings surrounding her. I see a bit of angel in Nikki also. There is a light about her as she lives each moment to be the best moment ever. Surely she showed her friends and family tonight just how truly blessed she is.

MAYORlISAwONGMayor Lisa Wang, Irene Hermandez, and son Nino were there. I was honored to attend the fundraiser for Parks and share in Love and Caring for Nikki Parks. A lovely group of people came to Destare to celebrate Nikki’s life and success. Parks left the audience with an important message on a central theme, live your dream. Matter the challenge, live your vision.

Nikki is an inspiration to her family and friends. As one of them suggested, Nikki kept on going in spite of Cancer. When other people might have given up or simply worked away from their dream, Nikki found a reason to get up and participate n life each day and accept it as life unfolds.

I have not had many heroes in my life, but this week I was touched by an angel. sharingandcaring

Only You music from The Young Victoria by Sinead O’Connor

I dedicate this beautiful music to my husband who will be leaving me shortly for the other side.

Walk in beauty.

July 4, 2010. I kept vigil every hour on the hour and Will walked on between 1 a.m. to 3 a.m.  I was so happy we were able to do it his way “at home” and that his last hours were peaceful. 

 A few hours before he literally passed away, I was out on the back property doing ceremony.  He walked towards me and kept walking to the west. He was happy, healthy and younger. He turned around and smiled at me as if to say “How well and happy I am.”  It really was confirming to me that he is happy now and there is nothing to fear about crossing over the rainbow road because it is so beautiful.
Thank you Hospice for being so extraordinary in your caring for my husband. It has been six months since February 3, 2010 when we learned it was terminal cancer. Hospice was part of Will’s life and leaving from start to finish on July 4. I am so grateful to them. 
Walk in beauty,
Butterfly woman