Migrating bluebirds


Eastern bluebird

This afternoon I woke up out of a sound sleep and by chance looked out at the birdbath. I was delighted to see one male bluebird and five females. Each in turn took a soak to dust off their wings. It must be a happy day because the little cheerful bird is called the bluebird of happiness.

Enjoy a beautiful bird on a warm and sunny fall day.

Image was available on Google images with property: http://www.dec.ny.gov/images/administration_images/wwbluebirdleft.jpg

According to SandyTSeibert’s article titled “Bluebirds Migrate to Find Better Weather and Better Resources”: “Eastern bluebirds do not simply shift southward. In some of the warmer areas of the country, many are year-round residents. Often, the birds from Canada and the northern U.S. will leapfrog over areas with many resident birds in order to avoid competition for food. These birds will travel as far as Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and the southern portions of Alabama, Georgia and Texas. Source: http://lansingwbu.blogspot.com/2010/02/migration-of-eastern-bluebirds.html

I Kissed a Monarch Butterfly Today

Monarch on valerian
Monarch on valerian


  I was in Minong, Wisconsin (a village of 561 souls) today when I saw a female monarch enjoy sipping nectar from a Valerian flower in my gardens.  Now valerian is a root medicine used as a sedative for sleeping.  I have often wondered if the butterfly was taking medicine when it took up nutrients from this plant.  The monarch was practically tame as it sipped, being sedated I suspected, and I just drew closer and closer until I kissed her wings.  Then she fluttered so fast I felt her wings against my cheek.  This didn’t scare her off either.  Back she came for more Valerian.  I had at least 5 minutes of solitude with this female butterfly as she flitted around me several times and then landed on the Valerian.  Valerian smells like old socks and yet it is beautiful and attractive to both human and butterfly. 

Earlier I was in the back acreage and saw a bluebird of happiness.  I was singing the One Song Project OmMa Ka Om and the little bird came closer and closer and flew into a tree nearby.  It was great fun spending a few minutes with winged friends in a day in the life. 

I believe that we can draw close to nature and sometimes natures draws close to us because she knows we love her and all things respond to love.  

Happy thoughts Insectamonarca friends where ever you are.