Walking the walk: Mother Earth Water Walkers raise awareness of water

Walking the walk: Mother Earth Water Walkers raise awareness of water – MinotDailyNews.com | News, sports, business, jobs – Minot Daily News

Vulnerable White Trillium Lily

This year’s Water Four Directions Mother Earth Water Walkers is imperative as we realize we must honor water which is sacred and a gift to all living species. Please support the many who are walking and will converge at Bad River Reservation on June 12. A council guide from the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites plans to attend. We hope that several women from the Water Ceremony group of Minong, WI, will attend also.

The vulnerable white trillium lily of early spring grows in the sweet woods. The sounds of happy gurgling water and singing birds gladdens the heart. Sweet watercress grows in the stream where the water spills out into a pure stream. Watercress will not grow in unpure water.

We must protect our local drinking water sources. After seeing Blue Gold, I am going to ask my village where the water source is and where the sewage goes. The film suggests we do this to be informed about our own community water supply.

Dolphins as a Meditation and Fresh Clean Water

I just watched a beautiful You Tube  post on dolphins and a Meditation that calls each and every one of us to realize how very precious water is.  Today I was very thirsty and I went to an artesian well in the woods. The water doesn’t flow freely as it once did 2 years ago. The water table is dropping and instead of gushing out of the ground it is about half speed now. 

Cool clear water from woods
Cool clear water from woods

 I felt so happy to be in this happy woods filled with wildflowers and water crest growing in the stream but sad too and worried and wondered what if the bubbling water just quit?

Water cress only grows in clean flowing water
Water cress only grows in clean flowing water

 What if it goes dry because we are in the 8th year of drought and even though we have had good rain this year, the water table is still low. 

I stood there and sang a water ceremony song to honor the water and tell the water I loved her. You see women are the protectors of water. I am a council member of the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites that was founded by Grandmother T. Whitedeer in California. This is the time for all women to intercede and pray for the global waters which are at risk in so many places.

Here is the link on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1-BazjLRKI&feature=player_embedded#!


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