Brave woman doesn’t bend to Alberta XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Meet Cindy Myers who bravely points out to Nebraska Senators why they need to do the right thing and not give permission for the Alberta XL Tar Sands Pipeline to build a pipeline through Nebraska’s Oglala aquifer.

Stuart woman sees pipeline deal as ‘deceptive bargain’ for citizens

Copyright permission by Cindy Myers.

No Fracking Way – Catchy Tune

Spreading the message. We don’t want the Alberta XL Tar Sands Pipeline or any other natural gas/oil operation that is stealing silica sand from Wisconsin to be used in oil/natural gas extraction. No Fracking Way!

Lakota Tribes “Refuse to Cooperate” With Tar Sands Proponents | Truthout

Lakota Tribes “Refuse to Cooperate” With Tar Sands Proponents | Truthout.


Important to read if you care about the future and the future of all living creatures in this country and drinking water for all of Creation. The XL pipeline is dangerous to environment, water and possibly the health of human beings. It must be stopped.


Alberta Canada Indigenous Keystone XL Pipeline Tar Sands Struggle

I am posting this link because I believe that each person needs to learn what is at stake with the Alberta Keystone XL Pipeline Tar Sands struggle. The immediate consequences may not affect us yet but it will over time.

Let us learn from Indigenous communities that have already suffered from consequences of mining and contamination of water on tribal lands. If you want to know what is happening to your neighbors in North Dakota and Pennsylvania, listen to the people speak about ruination of mountains and how ground water is already impacted. I have heard them. It is hideous to think that multi-national corporations could even think of defacing the Earth in such a selfish way and for such a selfish end. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

The USA is not leading the world in alternative energy, rather it is still trying to extract dirty fuel. It must STOP. Many citizens in this country understand that we are at a pivital moment. We can walk into sustainability or we can watch the natural world being destroyed and what will protect us then?

If you want to know about fracking or privatization of bottled water watch Tapping, Blue Gold and Gasland.

The best site for watching videos on the protest in Washington, DC to stop the Alberta Canada XL Pipeline Tar Sands is at Indigenous Environmental Network at

We may not be given a second chance. It is now that the tipping point is being reached. We need to protect nature, which in turn gives us life. Nature is not dependent upon humans to survive. It is the other way around.

Visit to start learning about this threatening danger.

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