Hello Insectamonarca friends, I have been following butterflies all my life.  When I lived in South America in the 1970s, I witnessed the rainforest being deforested.  I watched in sadness as forests were slashed and burned to repopulate the interior of countries with landless people.  Many came to start a new “frontier” life raising  crops and cattle for their families.  More often than not many ended up working with large multinationals and aristocrats of Latin Amerca in a commodity driven depletion of natural resources.  I traveled the Amazon and learned first hand about butterfly collectors and the demise of the species. 

I never dreamed that the same enviornmental deprivation would happen in my home country, the USA.  This is why I am so passionate about Sanctuary for the Monarch Butterfly and Food Safety Issues.  Land needs to be nurtured for biodiversity and the survival of all species including butterflies, plants, animals and people.

The real threat now is monoculture and genetic engineering of the global food supply.  GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in corn known as Bt gene corn killed the monarch butterfly.  That is when I put my food down in 1999 and began the crusade to be guided by the cry of the butterfly.


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