I about finished reading Firekeeper, a Narrative of the New York Frontier by Robert Moss when I picked up a  pamphlet with History of the Saratoga Springs Mineral Waters. Within the pages I discovered that Sir William Johnson truly was alive in the early 1770s. He was an “Indian” agent for the British. Johnson is the character of the book.

Johnson had a strong bond with the Mohawks of the Iroquois Nation. In 1771, the Mohawks brought him to Saratoga Springs High Rock Spring for healing. For centures before, native people thought of the land where the springs are located as sacred ground. The springs were known as “Medicine Spring of the Great Spirit.” Sir William Johnson was the first outsider to discover the springs healing properties outside of the Iroquois Nation.

geyser (10)It wasn’t long after that outsiders heard of the healing power of the waters. In present day since I was a child, I have known that this particular spring is good for eyes and skin. My father and I went there years ago when my father was suffering from cancer. His skin was extremely sensative at the time and he told me that the spring was good for the skin

The Jewish people know of the healing power of the water and had for years been bathing their eyes and bodies with the water. I go to this spring for the mineral water to drink. I filll up water bottles and bring it back home. The water is good for the digestive system. I haven’t had any stomach upset since taking the water. The water makes me feel well.


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