A dream, a wish, an intention

A candle is lit and my thoughts go out to Grandmother Whitedeer who posted a few of my posts from Insectamonarca to the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites, of which I am a council member.

worth alter 004 This is my alter with candle, fossils, driftwood, Worth Cooley-Prost’s beautiful handmade glass looking like raindrops, a feather and cedar. May our hearts always lift to the Faraway Vision. May we always honor our sisters who were part of the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites. May we always remember to do Ceremony for the Highest Good.

I am so happy we are reuniting again, The Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites, to protect water and other gifts of Mother Earth. The hour is upon us as Climate Change is affecting so much. Waiting for monarch butterflies to appear in central Massachusetts. Today we saw a fritillary butterfly but couldn’t get close enough to photograph. This photo is copyright Cindy Dyer.

Fritillary spp



  1. Sunday Morning Greetings to you Grandmother…
    It has been a long time, but wanted to touch base with you and let you know I’m still here. I’ve not been able to use my computer much because Windows no longer supports the XP program that was running on my old computer so I had to save up and get a new one? As well, I’ve not been doing so hot in the health department this year. Been working very closely with my Doc’s in that regard. Some days are better than others. Today I feel almost human? I will look through my emails and see if I can find your personal email or a phone number and reach out to you that way, rather than here in your comment section.
    It looks like you are just as busy a beaver as ever. Good for you! πŸ™‚
    Okay…back to building the pot of vege soup I’m working on in the kitchen. Something nice and light to eat with some good crusty bread for this beautiful summer day Our Creator has blessed us with. Last night was so warm and humid and then the rains and thunder moved through and I awoke to a cool summer morning filled with raindrops on everything, the birdsong strong in the air, and a great feeling of gratefulness. Hummingbird{s} continue to visit and eat me out of house and home, but I do love it. I’ve only seen to Monarch’s so far and very few cabbage butterflies, and not a glimpse of honeybees, dragonflies, or any other pollinators. It’s getting scarier all the time and that is another subject for another day.
    Wrap yourself in warm hugs from me and we will talk soon. Can you feel this strong Supermoon energy? Wow and Wow! πŸ™‚
    P.S. Love your altar Dear One!!!!

    In Radiant and Cascading Love,

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