Water Blessing and other Stories

Lately we have been blessed with rain, here in central Massachusetts. The rain barrels are full. The once parched earth and gardens is alive once again thanks to blessed rain. Last night the thunder storms came rumbling across the hills and forest.  There was a light show and crashing thunder overhead. This morning all was still, except the sound of rain drops falling from shiny tree leaves. Trees have had quite a bath lately with the cleansing rains. I walked down the hilly road challenging myself to a farther distance. I am glad I did because I discovered a new mushroom which I will look up shortly. Then too there was the beauty of the morning with rain drop sounds hitting the forest floor. Below one old oak tree I stood and let water drops fall from the leaves into my open mouth. What a wonderful way to quench my thirst, drip by drip. I gave thanks and sang the Nibi Wabo water ceremony chant. Water is very close to my intentions for healing the Earth. Recently I called Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer and told her about my latest adventure of moving to Massachusetts to be closer to my family and better medical care. It is quite astonishing to me that I landed in a protected watershed area near Fitchburg, MA. My sister and her family have lived at the heritage colonial farm since 1976.



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