Butterfly Dream Vision

Last night I had an uncanny dream. For years I have been working on behalf of the monarch butterfly, actually I do. My friend Sandy Stein and I were visiting what looked like a large vista that reached into the distance without end.  It appeared the land had once been used as a farm, but its relationship with the land went wrong. I somehow understood that the elder, in the dream, knew crops were in trouble in my home country because there were no pollinators.


The old gentleman that I really couldn’t visually see, stayed mostly in the background, but he was consciously  in my mind; I understood his intentions clearly. He knew of my work with the second largest group of pollinators in the world. The reverent elder was the owner of forests and fields that appeared to go on forever.  He made me to understand that 40 acres of land had been prepared for me and the pollinators.  I knew that he was giving me land for the butterflies. I was overcome, I could hardly believe my eyes, I felt so honored for my life’s work.

wild bergamot
wild bergamot

It was then, I felt him communicating, “I have admired you for being so tenacious on behalf of the monarch butterfly.”  He went on, “You have been teaching the people about the necessity of native habitat for the monarch and other pollinators. Many times you were all alone in your quest. I do know your dream and am giving this land to you for the butterflies.”

I was stunned when I realized  what he conveyed was real. I could look out into the distance and see the land was prepared for establishing a native pollinator habitat. I can’t tell you how honored and childlike I felt. I wanted to cry because someone really understood my heart and had made  it possible for me to have this  land for an  intended purpose.

When I asked,  “What will you do?”  He let me see vistas of forest that could be consciously and sustainably cut to grow more organic food for people and still have forests for wildlife and plants.

Realizing his truth, I could imagine that people might now listen and understand that we need to live in balance with nature. Could the time have come?

The dream was so beautiful that when I awoke I wondered if I had had a vision dream that gave me a glimpse into the afterlife.  I felt so blessed, humbled and longed to go to this place where I can live forever among the butterflies.



    1. Thanks Sharon. Timely dream to say the least. This morning I learned what I already knew in my heart, monarch butterfly is at risk and in serious demise as far as its endangered migration phenomena goes. The monarch is a survivor and does live in other parts of the world where it doesn’t need to travel 3,000 round-trip for its survival. Still it is heartbreaking not to see the numbers. Read National Geographic article at http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/03/130318-monarch-butterflies-animals-science-environment-nation/

      I have been collaborating with many this summer from different parts of the country and we all are saying, “I only see one or perhaps only a few monarchs.”



  1. Dear Mary Ellen (Sweet Pea) – I too have had dreams and visions of our future planet. I remember the day I first met you in 2005 when you came to our open house when we first moved to Springbrook – you spent time outside identifying the wild plants in our yard and I knew we would become instant friends. You’ve been my teacher and mentor since then. I think often of our journey to New Mexico in 2008 when we followed the Monarchs on a portion of their migration back to Mexico. I then realized how important it is for all of the United States to protect their habitat. I feel so blessed to be part of the Shell Lake Habitat. It gives me peace to know that there is a place waiting for the Monarch. I read the National Geographic update and I too am concerned for the Monarch. I take Yoga classes at a studio on Damian’s prairie restoration area and he has not yet seen a Monarch either. We do have lots of Milkweed in northern WI at this time. I drive throughout northern WI all week for work and keep watching and waiting. Today I visited the habitat and felt a sadness in my heart that the Monarchs were not there. I’m so glad we can both stay connected to the Earth and learn from those in our community and through the web. Only by being in nature and appreciating its sacred being can I stay focused on healing the planet. Thank you for all you’ve done to teach me about Mother Earth and for protecting our planet. Your work will always be appreciated by the many people you’ve touched throughout your life. Sending you warm thoughts and a healing light from Wisconsin. Pat and I miss you and are always thinking of you. Your friend, Forget Me Not (Sandy)


    1. Dear Forget-Me-Not,

      Thank you for your kind kinship with the Monarch Butterfly. You are a mentor, protector and advocate on their behalf. You have single-handedly been managing the Monarch Butterfly Habitat on their behalf this year. We are all feeling the sadness of losing a magnificent creature on the Planet. The numbers are so low now, down to 5 percent now that I wonder what can be done at this last drastic hour.

      A scientist. Professor Dr. Tony Pereira has confirmed our greatest fear that the monarch butterfly may not rebound from such a low number. What needs to be done is enormous and requires the United States Government, Businesses especially agbusiness as it stands now with GMO and monoculture farming to change, stop pesticide use and Mexico needs to make monarch butterfly habitat safe and stop cutting down the Mexican butterfly habitat. Is it possible? I really don’t know.

      I feel that part of my reactive responses this week are tied directly to this realization. Please forgive me for my outspokenness.

      I am honored to call you friend.

      Thought you would enjoy learning about Dr. Tony Pereira. I posted his article on the Blog with his permission and Truth Out as origin of article.

      *Prof. Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME Ph.D.*
      The Climate Reality Project, Leader
      Research Assistant Professor – Civil Engineering
      Green Composites Lab
      Fuel Cell Research Center – Chemical Engineering
      College of Engineering
      Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
      Skype, Gtalk, MSN, Gizmo VoIP:
      (409) 768-0120 voicemail/text

      *Founder* – ISE – Institute for Sustainable Engineering


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