When Our Literary Heroes Become Victims

When Our Literary Heroes Become Victims.

I am an elder and working with lawyer to protect my books and intellectual property rights. I am saddened to learn of this deceitful manipulation of  Harper Lee, the reclusive author of To Kill a Mockingbird, by  her agent, Samuel L. Pinkus, and his affiliates. As an elder, we too can become victims of abuse.

I surely hope that Nelly Harper Lee wins the case. It is unthinkable of the distress she might feel because of this breach of trust.


  1. Akasa WolfSong says:

    I had not heard of this Grandmother…How horrific and what an abomination that someone could do this to Harper Lee!!! I certainly hope, as do you, that Harper wins.

    I certainly understand your working with a lawyer on your books. A very intelligent move on your part! Kudos to You!

    I will pray your works are protected Dear Heart…

    Love and Peace,


    1. Dearest Grandmother Akasa,

      Thank you for your kind words. We hear of elder abuse all the time. It is unthinkable that someone could take advantage of an elder’s finances in such a way.

      Keep all elders safe.

      So good to hear of your happiness at your new home. I could hear your heart rejoice in the written words. I have been with you along the trail of the move. So happy for you.

      Namaste, Mary Ellen


    2. I feel certain the winged ones are so happy you are at this new space and time with them. White cabbage butterfly uses birch, cherry and other trees as host plant. Look around and see if you have. Check out article I posted on Blog at http://www.butterflywomanpublishing.com about a new Natural Pollinator Habitat I will be monitoring and added native seed to. It is pretty interesting as it is even.

      The hummers will come. They love red flowers and dark pink and purple petunias. Its the long throat of the flower that they seek.

      Love each day in peace.

      Butterfly Woman, Mary Ellen


    3. Thanks Akasa. Thinks are going well in this department. I spend two hours a day ( 6 – 8 a.m. writing the third book).

      Dream well. If you get half of what you are looking for, you are doing well.

      Mary Ellen
      Butterfly Woman


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