An Open Letter to You

An Open Letter to You.


I have known about Eleanor’s move to PA and her dedication to caring for the blueberry farm for at least a year. I know her mother Worth Cooley-Prost, an artist in Washington, DC area.  Eleanor and her friend have the heartbeat to care for the land. They have been managing the Blueberry Farm. Please read her letter. Perhaps you will see an opportunity that the girls need in order to stay on the land and grow blueberries.

I wouldn’t mind supporting if the farm was going to be a coop where each person who donated could claim a portion in ownership. It could be a refuge in this vastly destructive world. Is there an opportunity here? Let me know if Eleanor’s DREAM speaks to you too and how we can move forward in generating economic security of the farm and livelihood of two human souls who care for the land.


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