Blog/Radio talk Talkupy with Mary Ellen Ryall Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are being hit on all sides these days. Loss of habitat, climate change andnatural disasters are taking their toll on these and other beautiful pollinators. Thankfully, there are people watching out for them. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Mary Ellen Ryall, retiring Executive Director of Happy Tonics Inc., to the show on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Mary Ellen is passionate about helping people learn how to create pollinator corridors in their own backyards. She will discuss the work she did at Happy Tonics’ teaching garden in Shell Lake, WI and her books on Monarchs. She also will talk about the wild butterflyand solitary bee nesting habitat she is creating in Fitchburg, MA. For more information, visit Mary Ellen’s Facebook page. For an expanded slide show go to


  1. What an awesome show Grandmother!!! 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very informative and uplifting….and full of hope, especially in our present times. I do hope many are able to listen to it. I am going to post it to my blog and redirect my gentle readers to listen to it.
    Thank You for all you do for our Blessed Planet and Mother Earth’s inhabitants.
    In Divine Love,


    1. So pleased Grandmather Akasa that you could listen in and share with your circle of beloved Beings.

      We are the teachers now who must give away our Earth knowledge to receiving hearts who can carry it forward into their future.

      Love, Mary Ellen.


    2. I am so honored by your beautiful words. I am sharing your Blog with others so that I am not always writing in first person.

      Candle lit with intentions for your path and intentions.

      Grandmother Butterfly Woman
      Memengwaa Ikway


  2. I loved the radio talk show. Your enthusiasm about the butterflies and connection to Mother Earth is contagious! I can’t wait to see the first sights of spring at the Shell Lake Habitat. I’m hoping to catch up with the Water Walk this year. It began on March 1st at the headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca, MN and they are heading to Minneapolis and then down the MN/WI border. The Mississippi River is the 2nd most polluted in the United States. As you know, each step of the journey will be a prayer for the water. I will think of you when I make the walk since you won’t be with me this time. Water is Life. Peaceful thoughts, Sandy


    1. Thanks Sandy. Many blessings go with you on the water walk. I am part of Drum Circle at First Parish UU, Upper Common, Fitchburg, MA. I go with intentions for water. Did I tell you there are wetlands and Frog Pond in forest where I am implementing a Wild Butterfly Habitat on family land? I do water ceremony out there. Candle lit this morning with heartbeats to you. Namaste, Mary Ellen


      1. Looking forward to visiting your family land when I come for a visit. Thanks for your prayers for the water. Many of us in Wisconsin are fighting the mining proposal near the Bad River Reservation which will destroy the wild rice and wetlands. Our prayers and intentions are needed for all those who are kind to Mother Earth. It is important for all of us to teach one another the importance of spending time in nature. Wishing you happiness! Sandy


      2. Sandy, Thanks for comment. Want to go to DC for Pollinator Partnership (P2) and the
        North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) in October for ANNUAL NAPPC INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, October 22-24, 2013, Department of Interior, 1849 C St. NW, Washington, DC 20240? Happy Tonics could network with leaders in pollinator field.

        I plan to attend and also may speak at a botanical garden in N. VA and possibly Sculpture Garden So. MD if I have transportation and time.

        I will ask Joan Quenan to come to DC for event.


  3. Not sure if I can make it – depends on several factors (work, $, etc). I’ll let you know when I plan to come east……..Miss You! Sandy
    PS – Everyone is becoming united over the Mining Bill. Thanks for your water prayers and for being an advocate for Bad River tribal members.


    1. Just returned from Atlantic City. Needed a dose of the ocean. I know how it is. I am waiting for house to sell, not that I want to, but it is double cost with two households.

      Going to Irish Woman program on Friday. It’s a day trip. Step dancers and singers here from Ireland.


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