New England Weather

ImageOctober morn, rain drops on window panes. Mist paints air.

Burnt orange and brown oak leaves cling to trees.

Green grass smothered in yellow and brown leaves.

It is a New England morning I wake up to.

Sister in rocking chair, in silent dining room, reading prayer book.

Coffee scents kitchen with toasty flavor.

Icebox hums to ticking of clock.

Fogged window panes tell me I’m here, at home, in New England where my ancestors once roamed.

I am the ancestors. They are part of my DNA. Through me they live. The joy I feel is their joy.

I remember.


  1. Oh Mary Ellen
    You sound at peace. THat is exactly how I feel when I am at LCO. I know exactly what you mean by feeling the ancestors and feeling home.Take care. Kobide


  2. Beloved Sister!
    My soul just drank of your remembrances…
    I love these words…”I am the ancestors. They are part of my DNA. Through me they live. The joy I feel is their joy. I remember.”
    What a glorious way to ease into my day! Pilamaya Grandmother!

    You sound like you are doing so well and that brings happiness and a deep smile to my spirit. 🙂

    Now I shall lean back in my chair,
    watch the sunbeams dance in the room
    through the window and lace,
    hear the oven sounds as it bakes the
    golden cake for my Daughter’s Birthday,
    smell its lovely aroma,
    sip my coffee and relish these moments
    as I remember the ancestors and YOU,
    and reflect on the day my Daughter was
    born, as one day she will remember too!

    Much Love Grandmother Memengwaa Ikway,


    1. So good to hear from you Akasa. I drank in your morning musings in kitchen smells of cake baking and aroma of coffee, light coming through window and thoughts of your daughter and our remembrances. The ancestors are well pleased.


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