Morning nature meditations

Monarch chrysalis extended near tomato plant. Looks to be same color as fruit.
Monarch chrysalis extended near tomato plant. Looks to be same color as fruit.

Before I begin this post, I thought you would want to know that the monarch butterfly caterpillar has changed into the next stage of its life. It is now a lime green chrysalis. I think it must of happened yesterday afternoon after the sun finally came out. The morning was rainy.

Monarch caterpillar classic J shape

I photographed a few shots of the caterpillar that just hung upside down for a day. It was cloudy out and a little cooler. I wondered if the caterpillar needed sun to give it energy in order to change into a chrysalis. Then the downpour came and I hoped the caterpillar would be safe. Rain drops can dislodge an adult monarch and cause it harm or death. I was concerned about the caterpillar. Would it be safe from the elements? After all it was hiding among tomato leaves and perhaps had enough cover not to experience the brunt of heavy rain pellets.

This morning was cool, a touch of fall crisp air. Dressed in a hoodie, I went outside to begin thanksgiving morning rituals. Old growth oak trees at the end of the driveway were whispering yes, fall is coming. They communicate a unique sound when the leaves move. It is different than summer serenades. The leaves resonate this truth.  As I stood on the back stoop for a few minutes, I heard hummingbird wings behind me. It wasn’t long before a female flew in front of me; I had a close encounter as I stood perfectly still. Evidently she decided I wasn’t a flower, even if the hoodie was pink. The hummer headed toward a moist colony of black-eyed-Susan and bright pink phlox. I think of my elder friend Phyllis DeBrot when I see hummingbirds. She loves hummingbirds and always sends me cards that have either hummingbirds or butterflies on cover.

I decided to walk out on the country road. It is very hilly; I figured it would improve my endurance if I start hill climbing. Yesterday I learned from Jack (brother-in-law) that Fitchburg is the second hilliest city in the country. San Francisco is number one.  We’re out in the country and what a hill it is for cars to get up my sister’s hill. Believe me, I am buying a four wheel drive vehicle when I return here to live starting in the fall. I have my eye on a used Suburu. There is a Suburu car dealer in Fitchburg. My brother-in-law swears by his. I heard that two other friends love their vehicles too.  The back roads here are narrow and I need a vehicle that I can trust.

Pink morning glory
Pink morning glory

My nephew’s morning glories are growing profusely at my sister’s. They appear to be illuminated from within. I imagine pollinators see the inner glow. Who is not attracted to radiating light when it beckons? Hope you enjoy the photos this morning. It is taking me awhile to learn my brother-in-law’s computer system and applications such as photos.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you are.

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  1. Good Evening Grandmother…
    You know, I’ve only seen one Monarch all summer long. Only a few white cabbage butterflies have graced my perrenials this year, and we had some that look like meadow frittilaries…I’m not sure what they are but there are always two flying and playing together…sort of like swallowtail colorings? I don’t know butterflies much at all. And as for hummingbirds, the female that came last summer wasn’t here this year.
    I have missed seeing her. Hopefully when I move there will be a place I can hang a feeder. I could while away the hours watching them and have longed for a feather from one to put in my medicine bag. I shall likely never see that, lol.
    I have heard all good reports on Subaru’s…my girlfriend in Maine, Dancingfire has one and she swears by them. She does a lot of cruising the old country roads and old timber roads. I’m thinking your brother-in-law is right?
    I’ve felt Autumn in the air for the past week, most especially in early morning and late evening. The heat of the day dissipates quite quickly once the sun starts to lower on the horizon in the evening. I’ve noticed in the early morning hours the spider tents laying in the grass, in the heavy morning dews too. Some of the trees here in lower Wisconsin have been changing subtlely all summer because of the heat and lack of precipitation. I have a feeling we will lose the leaves early as a result. Some of the trees already have yellowed leaves on them.
    I’ve begun cutting back my perrenials here…getting an early start on things. It will be sad to say goodbye to my Plant Sisters and Brothers I’ve nurtured, but do so I must, as I am moving into handicapp accessible apartments in the coming months. All things change in their due season eh Sister?
    Your pink morning glory photo is astoundingly beautiful! 🙂 It does look like it is lit from within and in Truth it is…
    Have a beautiful evening Precious Friend…

    Mitakuye Oyasin

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