Transformation and Healing


China, an 11 year old cat and I are healing together. She was injured on July 21. We think she was attacked by a feral cat. Her left shoulder was dislocated. For the past three weeks we have been recuperating together.Yesterday I felt like I was being called to come to the woods; I stated to walk out to the forest on a weathered trail. I didn’t walk very far before I heard a meow. I turned around and saw that China was following me. This is the first day that she has been outside and  already she was going way beyond a safe zone. China is still limping and wouldn’t be able to fend off another predator in this condition. Naturally I turned around and we walked home together.

It is interesting that we have been recuperating together. China on three legs and I slowly building endurance after a medical crisis with respirator exasperation and other issues that caused a perfect storm. I have learned patience from China and I am still learning. Both of us need to pay attention and not go beyond our limits.  She had no business being out in the woods. Perhaps I too am pushing it. My goal is to walk out to see the old Boy Scout camp. It is here where a wild butterfly habitat exists now. I want to see what shape it is in. In the meantime, there is a butterfly story that follows.

My brother-in-law Jack wanted to show me something in the garden. Growing among tomato plants there was a milkweed plant; a large monarch caterpillar was munching away on milkweed leaves several days ago. Yesterday Jack again wanted to show me something.

Monarch in classic J shape
Monarch in classic J shape

A monarch caterpillar was hanging upside down on a tomato stalk. The creature was in the classic J shape that indicates that it is going into the pupa stage. This is where it splits its skeletal skin for the last time and changes into the next stage of its life cycle. The day was cloudy and rainy. The caterpillar didn’t transform itself. When I was taking a photo I accidentally bumped into the plant and the caterpillar balled itself up in a protective mode. I questioned, does the caterpillar need sun to warm its body in order to allow the caterpillar to have the energy to change? Later in the day, the heavy rains came. I hope it didn’t get dislodged from its hiding place among the tomato plants. It does have some protection from surrounding tomato leaves. For now I will observe development. There is no such thing as coincidence. All thee of us are changing, China, the caterpillar and I. Each of us is coming into new life after being injured, ill or simply transforming.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you are.


  1. Akasa says:

    It will be interesting to watch the progression of your caterpillar amongst the tomato leaf, which reminds me to go down and check the lower yard where I have a milkweed stand. I haven’t been paying too close attention lately. My hours have been filled with playing with Grandchildren lately and cooking up suppers for them. I think I’m pooped, ha ha ha. It is a good tired tho.
    We got some good soaking rains over the week just past, some showers yesterday, albeit misty ones, and everything is green once again. Thank You Father Sky!!! If it were up to me I’d let the yard run to wild but the city won’t permit it. Hah! I love watching our little resident chipmunk come to the water bowl I have set out for the birds, bees, etc…we have visiting cats from the neighborhood and sometimes a raccon, and always the squirrels come to take a good long drink.
    It is good to hear of China, the caterpiller and you changing into new life. The Changelings You Are! 🙂
    Be well, my Sister Friend…
    So much love,


    1. My sister too has her grandchildren here. When they come she is like a mother bee caring for them in ways that nurture. Ronnie is always teaching either by reading or singing with them. I have never seen such devoted attention to child rearing. Both their parents work and the grandmothers are involved in care giving during the summer. The children love to come to the old farm homestead. Here they swim in the pool, read books and learn manners and generosity of spirit to their siblllllliinngggggs……


    2. I am pleased the rains came to bless your gardens Akasa. I am putting down corn meal and doing water ceremony more frequently here. Let the healing rains come and bless the Earth.


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