Flute of the forest comes calling

Recently, there was a very shy bird that came calling one morning when I was doing a meditation walk down the hilly driveway. Standing in a level spot and practicing Tia chi , I heard the bird’s thrilling voice. Besides the loon and robin, this bird is my absolute favorite, even though I had never seen my winged friend. Later in the day, my sister Ronnie and I drove to various farms and private home settings, near her estate Winter Hill Farm, Fitchburg, MA. We went  food shopping.  It was surprising to learn that many country folks are raising free range chickens, either on their private property or  small farms. What a great way to go shopping, two sisters driving down dirt and country roads in search of sustenance.

One such farm had a stand. Near the stand were two darling and different species of rabbits in a hutch. I fell in love. Recyclable rabbit poo for organic gardening, a gardener’s delight. We continued our wandering and traveled to Winchendron ,to visit another farmers stand. The little outdoor three walled shelter had the most beautiful display of fresh garden flowers, vegetables, and fruit. I called Livvy Tarleton, owner, the next day and asked about the basil I bought. No, Sunset View Farm does not use any pesticides. I wish you could have seen the beautiful sunny gardens in the background. The neighbors are on vacation. My sister has permission to pick from their garden while the family are away. Ronnie mentioned that Phil has basil; I may be able to make more pesto next week. I can hardly wait; I could live on it. Mornings I take a medicinal walk through the gardens in front of the house.

The 1820’s colonial house has an original stone walkway and door wide aged brick stoop with steps. The front gardens have extensive phlox, lobelia, fragrant lily, wild bergamot and other plants growing along the pathway. A hummingbird came to visit the bergomot; two small rust colored spynx moths nectared on colorful phlox. That evening, while looking out the side porch windows,  I noticed the moon, nearly full. I just had to walk outside and be with her. It was a perfect still night and I bathed in the moonlight. This opportunity only comes a few times in the year and this was one of these special nights.

Be happy insectamonarca friends where ever you are.


  1. How wonderful to be able to enjoy and bask in all this earthly goodness.
    How greater still, it is there for you to inhale and heal with. Our creator has certainly directed you to the greatest place geographically for deep, deep, contemplation, peaceful enjoyment, and physical healing, Beloved Sister. It makes my heart smile. 🙂
    Ahhh…Grandmother Moon was gorgeous last night!!! I basked in Herself’s moonglow and chanted, “Grandmother, Grandmother, shining bright, in the night I love you so! Grandmother, Grandmother, shining bright, in the night, show me which way to go!” A little diddy that came to me some years ago, and I still sing to Her. It was indeed a special night and tonight will even be more so.
    Enjoy your sacred day Grandmother Mary Ellen, and talk with you soon…


    1. Know you would understand the urgency of .350 message in “Rolling Stone.” Here is the link at http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/global-warmings-terrifying-new-math-20120719
      I too was out bathing in the moonlight last night. She is so beautiful and I told her, “I love you.” I would have liked to spend the whole night out there, I used to. When I was a young adult, I would walk out to a meadow or field with my down sleeping bag and spend the night with her both at the family farm or with a girlfriend in MA where I once lived. Glorious!

      Mary Ellen


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